Nokia phones in Kenya

Was your first cell phone also a Nokia cell phone? You are definitely not alone in this! Nokia has significantly shaped the mobile phone market – and that’s exactly why the mobile phones still have a certain cult factor today . Nokia is still one of the leading manufacturers in the field of communication technology and is also committed to innovations such as 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Virtual Reality (VR).

You will also find modern smartphones in Nokia’s product range that impress in terms of design, hardware and software across the board. Above all, you can expect mid-range models that shine with large displays, fast processors and advanced cameras – perfect for everyday digital life.

Year of foundation: 1865
Company founder: Fredrik Idestam
Headquarters: Espoo, Finland
Number of employees: more than 98,000
Annual turnover: (2019)

The origins of Nokia date back to 1865. However, the foundation for the manufacturer that we know today was only laid in 1967: Here the Nokia Corporation was formed through the merger of the original Nokia paper mill, the Finnish rubber works and the Finnish cable works. In the years to come, Nokia entered into partnerships with various electronics manufacturers. Initially, the focus was on consumer electronics such as TVs and VCRs, but later the company decided to focus entirely on mobile phones. In 1987 Nokia launched its first portable mobile phone and since then the manufacturer has become increasingly well-known. By the turn of the century at the latest, Nokia was the ultimate brand when it came to mobile phones.

Nokia smartphones in Kenya

Nokia has many mobile phones in the Kenyan market, including the C series, X series, and G series.

What makes Nokia smartphones special?

  • FIRST CLASS EQUIPMENT – Practical functions and features
  • GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY-  Top range hardware at fair prices
  • ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM – With monthly security updates

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