Technology blogs and bloggers in Kenya

Kenyans love technology.

The Internet usage rate in Kenya is one of the highest in Africa.

Some of the most innovative tech ideas in Africa were borne by Kenyans.

Below, in no particular order, are some of the popular tech blogs in Kenya. You can visit each one of them and find how unique or similar they are to one another:

Techweez is an online magazine with an objective of giving coverage of everyday technology. Consumer technologies, internet Business News and Reviews are Techweez main forte. We aim to provide an influence on consumer behaviour by availing information and review of the technologies they use every day. Techweez is one of the most influential Online Technology News Site in East and Central Africa and a continental leader in personal tech coverage.

TechTrendsKE is your No.1 Source For Tech & Business Trends in Kenya and across Africa, Startups News, Opinions, Products & Service #Reviews, DigitalPR.

Opinion on Tech and Stuff by @DicksonOtieno by @OliverCheruiyot

We’re a website filled with content about tech. Our primary focus is technology, gadgets and the digital space with a special interest in how it affects you.

Pure. Android. Passion

For my smartphone reviews, visit the SmartPhone review section on this site.


Of course, these are not the only websites that discuss technology issues. Almost all of the leading media houses have sections on their websites where they update their readers on tech issues from Kenya and around the world.

However, the reporting and opinions on those websites may not be as personable as those you find in all the blogs I have mentioned above. In addition, they do not go into the details of what they report due to a lack of a focused niche.

Are there some tech blogs you know are worthy mentioning? Please, get in touch with me so that I can have this post edited.

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