Zodwa Wabantu biography, age, net worth, personal life story

Zodwa Wabantu rose to stardom because of her love for dancing. The elegent Zodwa does what she wants and does not care about anyone’s opinion. Some of the issues that have raised criticism from fans include her taste for fashion and her controversial lifestyle, especially her dancing moves. Moreover, she also dates younger men with no ounce of shame. Lovely, right? According to TimesLive, Zodwa claimed that her late mom is proud of her, whether she is naked or not. Zodwa Wabantu has also surprised her fans by confirming that she has had 11 boutions, per the Independent Online.

Real name: Zodwa Rebecca Libram
Occupation: South African socialite, media personality, and dancer
Birthday: 30 October, 1985
Nationality: South African
Star sign: Scorpio
Birth place: Soweto, Gauteng, SA
Height: 5’4 or 164cm
Children: 1
Net Worth: R1 million or $64,000

Zodwa Wabantu’s personal life

Zodwa Wabantu’s real full name is Zodwa Rebecca Libram. Where was Zodwa Wabantu borni? She was born in Soweto South Africa. She was born on the 30th of October, 1985.

Zodwa Wabantu lost her mother at the tender age of 11, prompting her to mature before her time to face the harsh realties of life. She was then raised by her aunt and grandmother. What about Zodwa Wantu’s father? She did not now about her father.

Sometimes Zodwa Wabantu was forced to sleep on empty stomach before she found solace in dancing. As you will see, dancing is one of the major sources of Zodwa Wantu’s fame, especially as pinpointed in this Zodwa Wabantu biography. Her fame is thanks to her danicng, which is characterized by mind-blowing, provocative styles. This has earned her admirers and haters in equal measure.

Zodwa Wabantu’s family, son

Zodwa Wabantu and her son
Zodwa Wabantu and her son, Vuyo.

Like any other person, Zodwa Wabantu has a family she dearly loves. Zodwa Wabantu’s sn was born in 2004 and named Vuyo. Zodwa Wabantu does everything to her level best to ensure that her son does not lack as she had gone through a difficult upbringing. For instance, you might be interested in which school Zodwa Wabantu has taken her son to. Interesting, Vora has gone to the best schools in South Africa. His mother is also proud that he has never failed any subject. Per Zalebs, she said: “I made sure not to play on his education because I wanted him to have good marks.” She also had to make her son redo Grade 8 in 2020, to ensure that he does not fail like she did.

Zodwa Wantu relationship, who has Zodwa Wantu dated before?

Are you interested in knowing who is the boyfriend to Zodwa Wabantu? Well, we know that finding love in real life is not an easy affair as it is often portrayed by those in love. Zodwa Wabantu’s biography assures of this claim. Her love life has not been that easy to come by, we can relate it to Kenya’s Amber Ray.

She has also shown a tendency to date younger men. Maybe because they are stronger or older men are jokers, she knows better. For instance, she has been in love with Olefile Mpudi. His ben 10 also has a son. The Ben 10 is also known as Ricardo. To signify how much they love each other, the two lovebirds have a tattoo of each other.

Zodwa Wabantu Olefile Mpudi
Zodwa Wabantu with her ben 10, Olefile Mpudi

Zodwa has also had other two relationships that were in the public limelight but none of them has led to marriage. Sqoop wishes the two lovebirds all the best in their relationship.

In exploring Zodwa Wabantu’s relationships, we must also note that the star intended to get married to her then 24-year old boyfriend, Ntobeko Linda, whom she dated for more than six years. However, Zodwa Wabantu called off their proposed marriage. Maybe she never really valued him as much because she bought herself a much more expensive ring than his. To be specific, Zalebs reports that her ring cost R47826 while his cost just R5217. A significant difference in price.

Who is Ntobeka Linda? He is a research assistant at the Durban University of Technology and has dated Zodwa Wabantu.

Zodwa Wabantu and Ntobeko Linda
Zodwa Wabantu and Ntobeko Linda

When Zodwa Wabantu’s relationships end, it doesn’t take long before we hear of her new-fond love.

Zodwa Wabantu has also dated DJ Tira. She explained that she dumped DJ Tira because he was a businessman and she was a businesswoman who couldn’t work under someone.

We hope we have answered your question’s regarding who is Zodwa Wabantu dating. We have told you two of her Ben 10s.

Zodwa Wabantu’s tribe. Is she a Sangoma?

Zodwa Wabantu is not a Sangoma as many people have previously thought it to be. This is because n 2022, Zodwa Wabantu took a photo she was in a spiritual walk while wearing traditional outfoot, as other Mzansi celebrities had done. She told her fans that she was on a spiritual journey and that she is not a Sangoma.

Commonly asked questions about Zodwa Wabantu

Is Zodwa still with Ntobeko?

TimesLive reported that Zodwa and Ntobeko are in different relationships but the socialite wanted to feature him in her reality show.

Who slept with Zodwa Wabantu?

While we know that Zodwa has slept with many celebrities and ordinary people, Zodwa confirmed that she had slept with Thabo of Black Motion, per SNL24. She said, ““The famous person that I had sex with I think three weeks ago was Thabo of Black Motion. Yes, we had sex. It’s not a secret.”

Does Zodwa Wabantu have a child?

Yes. Zodwa Wabantu’s son is called Vuyo. She recently celebrated her baby boy’s birthday per Zalebs.

Did Zodwa Wabantu get married?

Zodwa Wa bantu wanted to have a wedding but it did not materialized. She only walked in a gown in a fashion show. She was to wear this gown on her actual wedding.

Latest Zodwa Wabantu news

In several news outlets, Zodwa has been in love with several young men and in several business ventures. She took a photo and posted on her socials, telling people that she was selling onions. During the corona virus period, Zodwa Wabantu also started a poultry business. She has also had other investments in the funeral service industry and registered a mortuary business (Zodwa Wabantu Undertakers Mortuary),

Zodwa Wabantu’s controversies

If you head back to the introductions section of this Zodwa Wabantu biography, you will acknowledge that she is not new into controversies. In fact she thrives in them. She always seems to get her way, by even dancing without panties. Many people have criticized her approach. In fact, in 2017, President Mugabe banned her from performing in Zimbabwe. She was also deported from Zambia because of her approach to dancing, just about a year later. She later said that she can only perform in those countries if they allow her to be herself.

Zodwa Wabantu has also had body transformational surgeries to firm her body so that she can look sexy on stagy. She has had lipodissolving injections which are non-surgical procedures intendend to raise the breast. Interestingly, she has also undergone a vaginal tightening procedure. Yes, interesting.

Zodwa Wantu’s net worth, cars, home

Zodwa Wabantu is wealthy. She has build her home in her 30s without needing to borrow from the bank. She built a lavish 3 bedroom house in Nelspruit.

Zodwa's house
Zodwa’s house under construction (c) Zalebs

Zodwa Wabantu net worth is estimated to be at least R1 million. She made her first million in 2018 by starring in the reality show, Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored. She earns around R35,000 for you to book her for a single appearance.

Zodwa Wabatu award and recognition

  • In 2017, Zodwa won the “Drama Queen of the year” award at the ninth annual Feather Awards. She was stripped of her accolade later that year by Feather awards and the Thami Dish Foundation over her homophobic comments.

How to contact Zodwa Wabantu

To contact Zodwa Wabantu you can find her in the social media platforms below: