Xtian Dela biography, age, net worth, children, career


Real name: Arthur Mandela
Occupation: Radio presenter, YouTuber, Radio Producer
Birthday: 18 February 1990
Nationality: Kenyan
Star sign: Aquarius
Birth place: Meru, Kenya
Height: 6’1″ or 175cm
Children: One Child
Net Worth: $5 million

Short personal life bio

Xtian Dela is a social media strategist who has led popular trends on social media such as #BringBackOurKDFSoldiers and #XtianDelaFollowerTrain. He has had huge social media following on various platforms but his Instagram account was closed due to policy violation. Xtian Dela, real name is Arthur Mandela, was born on 18 February 1990 in Ngara, Nairobi. He attended Likii School and Moi High School before joining the university of Nairobi where he graduated in 2009 from the School of Business.

Xtian Dela’s career and life full of controversies

Xtian Dela will help you increase your social media following. He has ran prominent hashtags on social media, such as #XtianDelaFollowerTrain  on Twitter to help users gain followers, #BringBackOurKDFSoldiers to pressure the Kenyan government to recall Kenyan soldiers from Somalia,  and #SomeoneTellCNN to criticize American news organisation  for what he considered as skewed coverage of an attack.  He also worked FC Barcelona., being the only African influencer in the #Time2Play campaign in partnership with Beko. The campaign flew 22 people across 22 countries to Camp Nou to have a first-hand experience of FC Barcelona.

While Xtian Dela has a success life, he is not new to controversial issues. For instance, Xtian Dela started Club COVID which helped people make money by performing life on Instagram. However, not everyone liked the concept because the show displayed explicit content. People thought he was exploting and sexualizing women for his own benefit. He was sued by three parents who though the live Instagram shows were negatively influencing their children. In another instance, Xtian Dela  had said that actors on The Real Househelps of Kawangware would never win the Oscars fr featuring in such shows. A screenshot of the tweet made by Xtian Dela then made rounds on social media after actor Njugush revealed that a promient figure in Kenya has trashed him.

In yet another instance, Xtian Dela was arrested for vlogging at Sarit Center. His phone and camera were confiscated but he was later released. Vlogging was banned after the Westgate Mall terror attack. He said that it was wrong to arrest him since he was doing free marketing. He has also been accused of founding a Ponzi scheme to con clients. Xtian Dela was associated with Nextwheelers, a car dealership company. Xtian received court orders to refund his clients but he said he was part of the company only as the social media manager and no access to its accounts.

Xtian Dela has also had a beef with singer Ringtone. Ringtone dissed Xtian Dela’s house by calling it a one-bedroom and Xtian Dela referred to Ringtone’s house as a stolen property. Xtian also interviewed Shakilla who revealed that she has been romantically involved with Ringtone.

Xtian Dela’s Relationships

Xtian Dela and Fatma Banj have dated since February 2021 and they have been living together, sometimes sharing their intimate photos on social media. Xtian Dela and his girlfriend Fatma Banj  are blessed with a baby whom they revealed to their fans when Fatma was seven months pregnrant. In October, 2021, the two were blessed with their first baby.

Xtian Dela’s house

Xtian Dela shared with his Instagram fans how he was evicted from his home in 2021, but he later shared a house tour of new home.

Xtian Dela’s net worth

Xtian Dela’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. Most of this is from roles as a radio and Tv presenter, events host, and digital strategist.

Awards & recognitions

  • 2021: Top 15 Most Influential Kenyan on Social Media by GeoPoll
  • 2016: African Blogger Awards – Runners-Up – Best Twitter Profile in Africa, Best Facebook Profile in Africa
  • 2015: Jumia Kenya Glamour Awards – Corporate Social Media Personality of the Year
  • 2015: Kenya Buzz Awards – Twitter Personality of the Year
  • 2015: African Blogger Awards – Best Twitter Personality in Africa
  • 2015: Africa Social Media Awards – Nominated for Most Influential Online Personality in Africa and African Social Media Hero of the Year
  • Africa Youth Awards – Top 100 Most Influential Young Africans

Xtian Dela contacts and social media

Facebook: Xtian Dela

Twitter: @XtiaDela

Instagram: MoreXtianDela

YouYube: Xtian Dela

Frequently asked questions about Xtian Dela

What is Xtian Dela’s real name? Xtian Dela’s real name is Arthur Mandela

What does Xtian Dela do? Xtian Dela is a radio & television presenter, YouTuber, content producer and social media strategist

Who is Xtian Dela dating? Xtian Dela is dating Fatma Bunj. They were blessed with a child in October 2021