William Last KRM biography: age, career, relationships, net worth

William Last
William Last

In recent times, William Last KRM is perhaps one of Botswana’s biggest export. His comic work and music is being consumed across borders and has already won him a couple of awards. Here’s William Last KRM full biography.

Personal life of William Last

Where is William Last KRM from?

William Last KRM whose real name is Bofelo William Molebatsi was born on 8 March 1996 in Gaborone Botswana. He is also popular in South Africa for his comedy and music.

Details about his personal life are scanty but we know that he has a brother whose picture he posted on Facebook in 2018 during his birthday.

During the Podcast and Chill interview with MacG, he deliberately avoided personal questions and only shared that he is now on good terms with his father.


William Last KRM did not do well in school. After high school, he started filming comic videos which he posted on social media and it worked out for him. That said, William Last KRM does not have good memories of his school days. He was bullied because of his small body and freckles.


Who said boredom is a bad thing? It’s the reason why William Last KRM’s career started. With everyone out and about working, he was often left alone in the house without much to do so he decided to put his camera to use and began filming to pass time.

As he posted, his videos gained traction online and within a short space of time, William Last KRM became a household name in his native Botswana and neighbouring South Africa.

His rise to the top has seen him labelled as one of the best and biggest comedians from Botswana. His social media following skyrocketed; William Last KRM has over 800,000 followers on Instagram, over 3 million on Facebook, over 75,000 on Twitter, over 2 million on TikTok and over 200,000 on YouTube.


William Last KRM is also a rapper. His songs have received high praise for their quality and creativity. He raps in Xhosa. One of his biggest songs “Tinto” which he has dedicated to his daughter has over 2.5 million hits on YouTube. “Gao Romantic” has also been widely watched with over 2 million hits.

William Last KRM has been nominated for a couple of awards like the Best International Act at the South African Hip Hop Awards. He won the Best Music Video Award at the South Africa Black Twitter Award.


Unbeknown to many, William Last KRM is a father and a husband. You might think it’s a joke but he has posted pictures on social media to show his daughter and wife to the world.

The podcast and Chill host MacG could not believe that Amara Williams is William’s daughter and even asked him to do a paternity test. He is a very proud father. He shares cute pictures of himself and his daughter and has vowed to always be there for her.

William Last KRM family

William Last KRM’s daughter is called Amara Williams. She has her own Instagram page with over 20,000 followers. The rapper speaks so highly of his daughter and said that he’d do anything for her.


William Last KRM’s Grammy Award
Did William Last KRM really win a grammy? Well, as real as the video looks, William Last KRM has not won a Grammy Award. At least not yet. It was a parody video for the event which is part of his song “Heaven Sent”. You will not be blamed for believing that it’s real because the graphics appear to be authentic.

William Last KRM, Chris Brown

Success has many fathers they say. Botswana and South Africa were at “war” over William Last KRM after American singer Chris Brown tagged a video of his singing to his “Don’t Wake Me Up” song on his Instagram account.

He said that unless people sing as William did, they won’t be friends. However, the video was pulled down and William Last KRM says he doesn’t understand why the American singer made the move.

Net worth

William has made major strides in his career as a musician and comedian within a short period of time. William Last KRM’s net Worth is estimated to be R1 million.

Car & House

William Last KRM has not shared information about where he lives and the type of car he drives.

Awards & Recognition

2021: Best International Act at the South African Hip Hop Awards.

2021: The Best Music Video Award at the South Africa Black Twitter Award.

William Last on Social Media

William Last KRM Instagram: @WilliamLast_KRM 

William Last KRM YouTube: William Last KRM 

William Last KRM Facebook: William Last KRM

William Last KRM Twitter: @WilliamLast_KRM 

William Last KRM TikTok: @WilliamLast_KRM

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