Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu and Ommy Dimpoz relationship

Could he be the one? In the recent few months, Wema Sepetu has been hinting on having a new man, long after she parted ways with Diamond Platnumz. In an August 2020 interview with Tanzania’s Trendy TV, she confirmed that she has a new man, but did not mention his name.

She, however, said that the only reason why she has not posted him on social media is that he has not paid the bride price.

“Kuna muda natamani kumpost mpenzi wangu lakini nimeamua nisimpost mpaka atakapo Kuja kutoa mahari nyumbani,” she said.

It seems that Wema learned the hard way to keep her love life private after dating Diamond Platnumz.

Well, earlier in June, Sepetu made headlines when she posted bridal photos that made fans think she had married in secret. Celebrities, including Diamond’s cousin Romy Jons went on to congratulate her. The former Miss Tanzania had to clear the air.

“Nimeona kwa kweli ni jinsi gani watu walivyo na upendo na mimi kwa kusema tu naolewa, hivyo naomba Mungu azipokee dua zao. Mimi ninachokiamini jambo hilo litafanyika siku za usoni lakini kwa uwezo wa aliye juu na si mwingine,” Wema explained.

As of a few days ago, Sepetu went online to wish Omy Dimpoz a happy birthday. The caption got many thinking if they have a thing. In a rare dedication, she referred to him as her boyfriend.

“Happiest Birthday to my Forever Bae…”, she said.

In the Instagram photo, Omy is seen kissing Sepetu’s cheek passionately. She is all smiles and you can tell that she is genuinely happy. Could he be the mysterious man that she has been hiding? Remember celebrities always go for their kind. Only time will tell!