Uhuru’s retirement ranch in Narok cost billions

Uhuru's Narok ranch

After the August 2022 elections and subsequent Ruto’s win, President Uhuru had to go home as he always told Kenyans. He said that he would go home with whoever loses the presidential poll.

Many Kenyans, especially those allied with the then Deputy President William Ruto, spew online trolls against President Uhuru. They reminded him that he would soon be a “normal” citizen away from the spoils of power. They were wrong. While most people though Uhuru would go to his ancestral home in Ichaweri, he chose a different destination: Narok County.

Uhuru’s Narok ranch is worthy Ksh2 billion

Just a few days after Ruto’s swearing in, Uhuru was spotted in Narok Town and many Kenyans, unaware that he was the newest county resident wondered what he was doing there. According to critics, Uhuru acquired the ranch he is currently living in for Ksh2 billion. That is more than the net worth of your whole village. But, it shouldn’t come as a surprise because Uhuru is among the richest people in Kenya. His father was the first president of the republic of Kenya, and he amassed a lot of wealth in form of land and businesses. Moreover, Uhuru was awarded KSh35 million as gratuity, calculated as a sum equal to one year salary for each term served as president.

The former former president will also be receiving a monthly pension equal to 80% of his monthly presidential salary- which is KSh 1.1 million, monthly allowances comprising Ksh 330,000 for housing, Ksh 216,000 for transport, Ksh 300,000 for utilities, and Ksh 216,000 for entertainment.