The Richest DJs In Kenya

The richest DJs in Kenya

Being a Dj is more than spinning decks. it’s about changing the trajectory of Kenya’s entire music industry. And it pays big!

Here, we’ve curated a list of Kenya’s wealthiest DJs rocking the entertainment scene.

DJ Creme de la Creme

Creme De la creme is far more than an ordinary DJ.

Apart from the fact that he is one of Kenya’s most knowledgeable DJs, he is also one of Kenya’s richest.

the dad of two was said to be making almost 15 million shillings a year…and that was five years ago! imagine what he makes now!

He, however, is retiring to put his focus on Enko, his clothing line.

DJ Simple Simon

DJ Simple Simon os one of those DJs you never really hear from in terms of drama in entertainment.

Aside from being the biggest name in reggae mix, he is also the owner of Supremacy Sounds one of the latest DJ academies in Kenya.

however, what many do not know is that the DJ is one of the most wealthy out there, and though it cannot currently be put into figures, he drives a top-range Range Rover and is said to even own a boat! what a baller move.

DJ Joe Mfalme

DJ Joe Mfalme is not only one of the largest names in the industry right now, he is a brand in himself.

Aside from working with the largest media organizations, Joe Mfalme also has some of the most lucrative sponsorships in the business with companies the likes of Samsung, Guinness, and Close-up among others, rumored to be worth millions!

He just recently bought land in his rural home and built his mother an impressive house just to appreciate her.


DJ Mo is most likely escaped the title of common Deejay and heading towards the realm of veteran legend.

The Deejay is said to change his gigs an estimated more than 100,000ksh and is also said to be worth mover 30 million Kenyan Shulings!

he may even be worth more than that because he and his wife Size 8 drive sleek and luxurious vehicles and live in a glamorous mansion in one of the Kenyan exclusive suburbs!

DJ Pinye

The 50-something-year-old DJ is not only Kenya’s most experienced, but he is also one of the wealthiest.

DJ Pinye was said to have required over 100,000ksh ever since the early days and it’s obvious because, in his retirement, he does not seem to want for any money and is spending his days’ shopping, doing special gigs, and being an Instagram influencer!