Sylvanus Osoro

Silvanus Osoro elected as MP for South Mugirango again

Silvanus Osoro is a prominent politician from South Mugirango. He is known for his wealth of experience in business, politics, and governance. He has been in the forefront in championing for the interests of William Ruto and his UDA political party in Kisii region. At one time the MP stood up to defend William Ruto from negative claims made by ODM’s Simba Arati on stage. He was kicked down by the then Dagoretti MP.

Contrary to popular belief, Silvanus was to get reelected again to serve the people of South Mugirango constituency for another five years, 2022-2027.

In a video and social media posts seen by Bantu, Silvanus was jubilant and thankful to his constituents for giving him an opportunity to serve them again.

Silvanus Osoro is married to Stella Osoro and they are blessed with 3 sons. The 35 year old legislator was born in May 1987.