Rose Muhando biography, age, career, controversies, and net worth

  • Real name: Rose Muhando
  • Birthday: January 1976
  • Nationality: Tanzanian
  • Star sign: Capricorn
  • Birth place: Dumila, Kilosa, Tanzania

Personal Life

Gospel singer, songwriter, and choreographer Rose Muhando was born in January 1976 in Dumila, Tanzania. She was raised in a strict Muslim family, but she was later baptized and converted to Christianity. She took an earth not to get married as she was meant to serve Christ. When Rose was young, she got ill and her parents unsuccessfully consulted many doctors. When her parents gave up and took her home, she recalls having a vision where Jesus Christ healed her by touching her head wound. The healer said to her: “I am Jesus, I have healed you. Wake up and go serve me.”

After three years of illness, Rose Muhando was completely healed.

Rose Muhando’s career and life history

Rose started her career as a choir teacher for the Chimuli Anglican Church. Unfortunately, a church dispute involving her made her quit the choir. She pursued music as an individual and her music debuted in the early 2000s. In 2004, her hit single “Uwe Macho” made headlines across Tanzania. In 2005, she received recognition for her amazing work and won awards for “Best Composer”, “Best Singer”, and “Best Album of The Year” at the Tanzania Gospel Music Awards. She also featured in a fund-raising concert for a Dar es Salaam orphanage in the same year.

Her success in the gospel music industry saw her sign a multi-million deal with Sony Music in February 2011, the first of its kind in the gospel music industry. This partnership between Rose and Sony Music was announced in Dar es Salaam at a press conference on the 9th of February. Rose Muhando’s most famous songs are “Yesu ni Bwana” and “Nampenda Yesu.”

Rose Muhando’s relationships and family

Who are Rose Muhando’s family members?
There isn’t much information available about Rose Muhando’s family. We do know that she is a mother of three. Rose Muhando’s children are all grown up. Rose Muhando’s daughter, Gift, is a law student. Her second-born, Nicholas, is studying finance, and her youngest son Milan is still in high school. Rose Muhando’s children have three separate fathers who all left.

Rose Muhando doesn’t have a husband. The songstress has made it clear that she has no plans to walk down the aisle anytime soon. In a candid interview with a Tanzanian network, Muhando said that her job – which requires lots of travel – will not allow her to be on any man’s side as much as she would like. By the sound of this, it doesn’t seem like we will ever get to witness a Rose Muhando wedding.

Controversies surrounding Rose Muhando

  • The singer claimed that her enemies had cursed her immediately she signed a deal with Sony Music.
  • Rose Muhando was also rumoured to be on the verge of death because of a snake bite. Instead, she acknowledged that she contracted a “strange illness” making her legs swell.
  • Rose has been associated with sex, drugs, death threats and fraud. More recently, in Kenya, Rose Muhando was accused of having a one night stand with another a Kenyan public figure.
  • She was also accused of having an abortion and was subsequently harassed by the press and trailed by the police. The abortion claims made people criticize her incessantly because she was a Christian gospel musician. She admitted to having aborted and had she not done so, Rose should be having four children now.
  • These challenges made her threaten to quit Christianity but she opted to stay in Kenya in 2017, possibly avoiding the criticisms she faced in her home country, Tanzania.
  • Another controversy was when she faced an exorcism  by Paster Ng’ang’a, who she says helped her fight a spiritual battle. The video prompted the Tanzanian Music Foundation to demand Rose to be sent back home to Tanzania to receive the necessary treatment; she refused and still lives in Kenya.

Rose Muhando’s house and home

Rose lives in Kenya although she is Tanzanian.

Rose Muhando Net worth

Rose Muhando’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million

Rose Muhando’s wards & Recognition

  • In 2011, Rose Muhando won the award for Skiza Ring Back Tone of the Year.
  • In 2009 she was awarded the Best Singer in Tanzania award and the Best Tanzanian Gospel Singer Award.
  • In 2008, she won the Best Female Gospel Artist award in Africa at the Kenya Groove Awards.
  • Rose Muhando was awarded the Best Female Vocalist & Best Religious Song at the 2005 Tanzania Music Awards.