Rema Namakula's alleged house, source: westnilebiz

Rema Namakula’s house

Rema Namakula is an award-winning recording artist and singer who has been in the industry for a little over a decade and in that short time, she has been able to achieve immense achievements and is one of the most successful female artists in Uganda.

Her success is not only measured by the number of awards she has won or the number of fans who adore her but also by the amount of wealth she has accumulated and the quality of life she lives, and it’s no secret that she lives quite a lavish life.

Here is a look at Rema Namakula’s house, her young family, and a look at what happened to the house she once shared with Eddy Kenzo.

Details about Rema Namakula’s house

Rema Namakula's alleged house, source: westnilebiz

Rema Namakula’s alleged house, source: westnilebiz

After breaking up with Eddy Kenzo in 2019, Rema Namakula moved in with Dr Hamza Ssebunya into her new home in a leafy neighbourhood of Namugongo.

It didn’t take long for photos of Rema Namakula’s new house to circulate online and the house is quite breathtaking.

It is a beautiful two-storey mansion that sits on a spacious compound with a beautifully manicured lawn and palm trees.

Rema herself has not shared any photos of her home and she has not provided any information about it to verify or discredit the photos online.

Who is Rema Namakula’s husband?

Rema Namakula with her husband Hamza, source: Instagram

Rema Namakula with her husband Hamza, source: InstagramRema Namakula lives in her beautiful home with her husband Dr Hamza Ssebunya (a medical doctor) and two daughters- Aamaal Musuuza and Aaliyah Ssebunya.

She and her husband met a few years ago during a Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) event. They were both in other relationships at the time but it didn’t stop Ssebunya who was blown away by Rema’s beauty from getting her phone number and initiating a conversation with her.

They both eventually developed mutual feelings for each other and decided to leave their past relationships and begin dating.

The couple got married in a beautiful wedding on the 14th of November 2019 which was held at Rema Namakula’s home in Nabbingo, near Kampala.

Rema Namakula’s second child and first child with Hamza Ssebunya- Aaliyah Ssebunya was born on the 7th of November 2021.

What happened to Rema Namakula’s house with Eddy Kenzo?

Before moving into her current home and getting married to Dr Hamza Ssebunya, Rema Namakula was in a relationship with the award-winning musician- Eddy Kenzo.

The former couple who welcomed their first daughter together- Aamaal Musuuza on the 26th of December in 2014 cohabited in Eddy Kenzo’s mansion in Seguku hill, a few minutes from Entebbe Highway, near Kampala.

Following Rema and Kenzo’s break up that rocked headlines in 2019, several media houses reported that Eddy Kenzo had put up his house for sale, a move that would help him move on and start afresh.

Later, the Sitya Loss hitmaker announced that he had changed his mind about selling the house and would instead donate it to his charitable foundation, which works with underprivileged children in society.

Even though it took Eddy Kenzo more time to move on from his break-up with Rema Namakula, reports indicate that he is currently in a relationship with a beautiful musician called Bella Myra.