Popular musicians from Kisii – the best and most loved

Below are some of the popular musicians from Kisii:

  1. Babu Gee
  2. Echate (E-generation)
  3. Miggy G
  4. Embarambamba…
  5. Nyashinski
  6. Ringtone
  7. Smallz Lethal
  8. Henry Sagero
  9. Evangelist Rebecca Thomas
  10. Evangelist Fenny Kerubo
  11. Evangelist Douglas Otiso
  12. Mr Ong’eng’o
  13. Rajville the banana boy
  14. Pharry K
  15. Kwasa Kwasa International
  16. Sungusia Band
  17. Charles Nyagwoka
  18. Divinah Nyamwaka
  19. Vicky Young Ensanako
  20. Vekta
  21. Lydiah Scarlet Nyairabu
  22. Machoge One Jazz
  23. Forever Young
  24. Mash Wonder
  25. Mcubamba
  26. Faith Stan
  27. Ali Butterfly
  28. Sawel Ntabo
  29. Erick Mwaniki
  30. King Menace
  31. Sammy Baraka
  32. Kamtu Fulani
  33. Danlee
  34. Jared Mombinya
  35. Antivirus
  36. Kash

Other upcoming Kisii secular, male and female artists

  1. Lilslig
  2. Shourtie
  3. Neimer King
  4. Falenzy Usher
  5. Kibandasky Man
  6. Geoffrey Magembe
  7. Ev Naomi Nyakundi
  8. Joslyn Onchiri
  9. Phencilla Moraa
  10. Rachael Nyarangi
  11. Suzy Moraa
  12. Edith Bosibori
  13. Dennis Ayuma
  14. Denis Onyamo
  15. Dennoh Mpole
  16. Japhet Ouru
  17. Lucas Katonzo
  18. Mack Asande
  19. Matara Nyabayo
  20. Victor Momanyi
  21. Jared Nyagaka Nyaguta

All these musicians aspire to be among the top rated musicians in Kisii. Most of them have worked with top music producers in the region, such as Producer Augusto of Word Wave Records. Some of the artists that have produced songs under him are Vicky Yung, Babu Gee, Faith Stan, Miggy Champ, etc.

Unfortunately, death has robbed Kisii of some of the loved artists such as Aris John Osababu, Dismas Nyangau , and Onsongo O’mosongo. If you have been looking for the best musicians from Kisii, this list has provided enough information to find something to listen to. You can follow the artists on their socials and subscribe to their YouTube channels. Their songs can also be downloaded from various music platforms.

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