Patrick Owino as Buya Sultna

Patrick Francis Owino bio (as Buya on Sultana Series Citizen TV)

We provide you with real name of Buya, as Francis Patrick Owino, his age, siblings, family, career, place of birth, net worth, and biography.

Buya in Sultana Series is represented by Patrick Francis Owino who had a successful acting gig on Kovu that was broadcast on Maisha Magic East.

Many Kenyans loved his acting and this could explain his new role on Sultana.

In Sultana Series, Buya is Fatima’s husband. Compared to other families on Sultana, Buya represnts the middle-income social class. However, since Buya is not as rich as Major Jabali, his wife does not like being referred to as Mrs. Buya. We even see that she does not respect him at all.

Early Life

Buya, real name PatrickĀ  Francis Owino, was born in Kenya in Nyanza province.


His date of birth is not in the public domain.


Patric is a Plant Equipment Manager at Seven Stars Ltd. He loves acting and watching TV shows, which may have contributed to his major roles on Kovu (Maisha Magic East) and Sultna(Citizen TV Kenya).


The details about his family and siblings are not in the public domain.

Net Worth

Patrick Francis Owino (Buya) net worth is not know to the public, but he could be richer than you.