Otile Brown biography, relationships, career, age, net worth

Who is Otile Brown?

Otile Brown, whose real name is Jacob Obunga, is a Kenyan Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, and an Actor. Otile means “baba”. The singer was born in Kisumu, Kenya’s third largest city. However, he was raised in the coastal city of Mombasa which makes most Kenyans mistake him for a Tanzanian or a Swahili. Otile Browns popularity is attributed to his music that most describe as heartfelt and touching. The African pop and RnB singer never sleeps as he releases a hit after hit, especially during the 2020 corona lockdown period.

Otile Brown Early Life

Born on 21 March, 1994, Otile’s life has not been a smooth one. Otile has four siblings, three brothers, and one sister, and he is the last born in their family.

His parents relocated to Mikindani, Mombasa where he was raised. He discovered that he had a singing talent when he was 13 years old. Unfortunately, he lost his parents a year later and due to lack of school fees, he had to drop out. To pursue his singing dream, he moved to Nairobi in 2013 and due to the difficult life he encountered, he was forced to sell second hand clothes to University of Nairobi students.

Otile Brown career and success

When Otile Brown was waiting to meet with Mzazi Will M Tuva, he met Jalang’o, who listened to his music and loved it. Jalas advised Otile to stick to singing rather than rapping. Interestingly, Jalang’o sponsored Otile Brown’s first project with an option to work with Wyre or Dr Eddie. He chose Dr. Eddie who loved his talent and signed him as the first artist in Dreamland Music Entertainment. This was what marked the beginning of his success as a singer.

Otile Brown

In 2015, Otile released a single called “Imaginary Love” which he featured Khaligraph Jones. It is this song that brought him into the limelight.

In 2017, Otile decided to be independent and exited from his current label but was barred by his producer, Dr. Eddie, from performing any of the songs he helped him produce while he was at the label. It is not know why the two had to go separate ways. In an interview, Otile once said that discussing the details of the exit will only bring more harm than good.

Currently, Otile Brown has his own record label, Just In Love Music, where he signed singer Jovial but she quit after a month. He also signed another male singer who quit after six months.

Otile Brown dating life and girlfriends

It is no doubt that some of the girls Otile has dated are not known by the public. However, his most notable relationships involve an Ethiopian girl (Nabayet) and a Kenyan socialite (Vera Sidika).

Otile Brown and Nabayet

Vera and Otile were an envy of most people until things went nasty in August 2018. It was after this that we got to know Nabayet. Unfortunately, they did not have a smooth relationship either.

The singer is currently single after announcing a breakup with his current girl

Otile Brown salary and net worth

Otile earns anywhere from about 100,000 to 200,000 Kenyan shillings per performance. He also earns a handsome income from his YouTube channel. His net worth is not known by the public but we can tell he is living a lavish lifestyle. He drives a Mercedez Benz E-class and BMW 7 series. Truly, he has a love for Germany machines. He also owns a beautiful house which seems pricey from the pictures he shares with his fans on Instagram. Glamour.ke has established that the singer has deleted most of his photos from his profile, including the house.

Otile Brown recently became the only Kenyan singer to surpass 1 million subscribers on YouTube with over 255 million combined views. Indeed, he must be the highest earning Kenyan singer on YouTube.

Some of Otile Brown songs

  • Crush- 2019
  • Kenyan Girl- 2019
  • Samantha- 2018
  • Nobody – 2018
  • Hi – 2018
  • Niacheni – 2018
  • Baby Love -2018
  • Chaguo La Moyo – 2018
  • Vera – 2018
  • Tamu Sana – 2018
  • Aje Anione – 2018
  • Niseme Nawe – 2016
  • Baby Love – 2018
  • Mapenzi Hisia – 2017
  • Acha Waseme – 2017
  • Kistaarabu – 2017
  • Yule Mbaya – 2017
  • Mungu Wetu Sote – 2018
  • Alivyonipenda – 2016
  • Basi – 2016
  • Imaginary Love – 2016
  • Deja Vu – 2016
  • Shujaa Wako – 2016
  • Everything – 2016
  • Aiyolela – 2017
  • Hello – 2016

Frequently asked questions about Otile Brown

  1. How old is Otile? Currently, 28 years.
  2. How tall is Otile? Average height.
  3. Is Otile married? Not yet
  4. How much is Otile Worth? We are waiting for official figures but we estimate that he is probably richer than you.
  5. How much does Otile make? More than sh. 300,000 guaranteed every month.
  6. Where does Otile live?  Nairobi, Kenya
  7. Where is Otile now? On the move. Trying to release a new song or performing somewhere.
  8. Otile Brown Tribe? Luo.
  9. Otile Brown Booking Contacts
    Number: +254799764477
    E-mail: noriegareginald@gmail.com

Otile Brown awards

Otile Brown is a singer  that deserves many awards. He has been nominated severally and turned down some of them. He has been nominated to Soundcity MVP Awards and AFRIMMA’s Best Male Category in East Africa.