Musalia Mudavadi in parliament

Musalia Mudavadi net worth: “I am worth Kes4 billion”

Musalia Mudavadi is the current Chief Cabinet Secretary, appointed by President William Ruto. Musalia Mudavadi net worth is expored in this article. Below is a summary of the properties that Musalia Mudavadi owns:

  • Riverside Stables – Sh1 billion
  • Rental offices – Sh870 million
  • Helicopter rentals – Sh200m
  • First Assuarance – Sh440m
  • Absa Bank – Sh545m
  • High end cars- Sh44m
  • Jodeci Inv. – Sh120m
  • Malulu Land & Dev- Sh250m
  • Other – Sh650m

Although Musalia Mudavadi revealed to the vetting committe that his net worth is Kes 4billion, many Kenyans believe that he is worth much more than that. The prominent politician has served in top positions in the government of Kenya. He has served as the VP for three months, being one of the shortest-ever serving VP in Kenyan history. He has also served as the deputy prime minister to the Raila Odinga, following a constitutional ammendment that allowed the creation of a Prime Minister position and two deputies. Musalia deputised Raila Odinga along with Uhuru Kenyatta.

Musalia Mudavadi was also elected as an MP for more than three times. All these positions have allowed him to amass some more wealth, building on what he inherited from his late father Moses Mudavadi.

While disclosing his net worth, Musalia Mudavadi told the vetting panel:

“If I take my investment in share in some companies and also properties that I own I would put my net worth at about Sh4 billion.” Musalia Mudavadi gets his income and wealth from current and anticipated income from rental income, dividends from shareholding, interests and other expenses that come from the farm. According to the Star Kenya.

Musalia Mudavadi cars among the net worth

Musalia Mudavadi car
Musalia Mudavadi in 2020 before the Mashemeji derby.

According to Capital News, Musalia Mudavadi acquired a sh36 million armoured car in 2016 in preparation for the 2017 presidential campaigns.

The car is 6 litre Toyota V-12 engine that gives absolute command on the road, which comes equipped with a full time 4 wheel drive, DVD navigation system, rear-view camera, among other things. Musalia Mudavadi’s car has a perimeter armouring of the passenger compartment to provide protection against a 7.62mm calibre bullet normally used in rifles, via Capital News.

Musalia Mudavadi homes, part of his Kes4 billion net worth

Musalia Mudavadi house

As a billionaire, Musalia Mudavi homes ooze serenity and luxury. Like most politicians in Kenya, Musalia Mudavadi has more than one home in Kenya. He has hosted both Raila and William Ruto in his homes.

Musalia Mudavadi net worth has shown that politics pays and rewards handsomely, if what is owned by the Chief CS is to go by.