Lolani Kalu “Babu” Sultana Citizen TV Biography, Family, Net Worth

Lolani Kalu, an esteemed journalist and actor, was a beloved figure on Kenyan screens for more than ten years before a widespread job cut prompted his return home. He recently made his debut in the role of “Babu” on the Sultana show aired on Citizen TV. This article delves into Lolani Kalu’s biography, providing insights into his current whereabouts.

Age and Birthplace

Lolani Kalu originates from Kilifi County in Kenya’s coastal region, where he spent his formative years and commenced his education. As of 2022, Lolani is 57 years old and resides with his 82-year-old mother.

Career Journey of Lolani Kalu

His journalism career began in the 1990s, contributing stories to various stations, showcasing his talent as an actor, and creating compelling pieces as a poet. Known for his captivating content during his TV journalism tenure, he joined NTV in 1999, becoming one of its prominent journalists. His segment ‘Malimwengu na Lolani Kalu’ spotlighted indigenous arts, promoting local talent in music, painting, poetry, and dance. He significantly influenced the appreciation for local content and talent among the public.

After 18 years at NTV, he faced retrenchment in December 2017, leading him back to Kilifi County. There, he focused on creating content and mentoring budding talent while facing challenges such as non-payment for services rendered, caring for his ailing mother, and falling victim to scams.

Engaging in projects like ‘Lamatamaduni,’ he mentored youth in Arts and Culture and provided community services. He also supplemented his income by working as a religious teacher.

Lolani Kalu also featured as “Babu” in the Sultana TV series that aired on Citizen TV.

Personal Life, Marriage, and Children of Lolani Kalu

At 56 years old, Lolani resides in Kilifi County, primarily attending to his unwell mother. Details regarding his marital status and children remain undisclosed.

Net Worth, sources of wealth, and businesses

During a recent visit to his home, Lolani expressed financial struggles and sought support from well-wishers to acquire equipment like a voice recorder and a computer for content production. He provided his mobile number for assistance in sustaining his endeavors.

Lolani Kalu’s Instagram and Contacts Mobile Number: 0720554930 (formerly Twitter): @LolaniKaluNTV