Kimani Ichungwa biography, age, education, net worth, family

Kimani Ichungwa is a focal politician from Kiambu County. The MP is a staunch supporter of President William Ruto, defending him in numerous occasions including when Ruto was DP.

Kimani Ichungwa was first elected as the Kikuyu MP under the TNA party ticket in 2013.

In 2017, he retained his seat in August 2017 under the Jubilee party. He is also the first Kenyan MP to be elected unopposed in the 12th parliament.

In June 2020, Kimani Ichungwa was dismissed from powerful parliamentary committees with 16 other MPs. He was serving in the lucrative Budget and Appropriations Committee before being moved to the Member Service Committee, which was previously known as the catering committee.

In an interview on a local TV station in August 2020, Ichungwa indicated that his political career had been inspired by media personality Caroline Mutoko during her days on the morning radio show.

Ichungwa studied Economics and graduated from the University of Nairobi.