Juma Jux biography: age, Early Life, Relationship, Career, Awards & Nominations, controversy, Net Worth

Juma Jux has become a prominent figure in the Tanzanian music realm through chart-topping hits like “Utaniua” and “Juu.” His foray into the music industry began in 2005, marking the start of a consistent stream of successful releases.

Commencing his musical journey at a tender age, Juma Jux credits his loving and supportive parents for nurturing his dreams.


Juma Jux was born Juma Musa Mkambala on September 1, 1989. The musician is currently 34 years old.

Early Life:

His upbringing within a supportive family environment fueled his aspirations. In a 2019 interview with Mseto East Africa, Juma Jux revealed his father’s passing nine years prior, citing his mother’s unwavering support, going as far as funding his debut video shoot upon his entry into the music industry.

Juma Jux relationships:

Juma Jux previously dated Vanessa Mdee, a high-profile relationship that captured public attention. Since their split, he’s kept a relatively low profile, though his celebrity status has occasionally drawn media focus. Notably, Juma Jux commented publicly on Vanessa Mdee’s life, even jesting about her departure from music.

Juma Jux has been linked to Hudda and an Asian chic.

Juma Jux and ex-girlfriend
Juma Jux and ex-girlfriend

Juma Jux music career:

Transitioning from rap to R&B, Juma Jux ventured into music, forming the group Wakacha in 2008 before embarking on a solo career under Manecky’s mentorship. Notable singles like “Napata raha,” “Sipati karaha,” and “Mwambie yeye” under the A.m record label contributed to his success.

Collaborations and Achievements:

His album, ‘The Love Album,’ features collaborations with artists such as Nyashinski, Diamond Platnumz, and Vanessa Mdee, showcasing his versatility and impact in the industry. His musical prowess earned accolades, including Best RnB Song at the Kili Music Awards in 2015 and Best Male artist in East Africa at the AFRIMM Awards in 2017.

Controversies in Juma Jux’s life:

Juma Jux’s remarks on Vanessa Mdee’s exit from music and a controversial photo circulated online drew attention, fueling speculation and discussions in the media.

Juma Jux has been making huge strides as an artist in the music industry and there’s no doubt that he’s a force to be reckoned with. However, the artist shared some vies of how he felt his ex had a made a huge career mistake.Speaking to Wasafi media in the midst of promoting an ‘’all female’’ event dubbed, King of Hearts, Jux mentioned that his ex, Vanessa Mdee quitting music was a big mistake and went ahead to share how he can never give up his music as nothing in life is permanent.” Don’t let your life depend on someone. Love someone but don’t make it as through, if she/he is not there everything goes wrong, no. There are second chances in life. Vanessa and I separated, I got into a relationship that was I was happy and now she is in a relationship. And that’s how life is. Right now, I can’t say because of that, I will kill myself or leave music no. Because of love? No. I can’t do that.” Jux said.His remarks sort of like insinuated that Vanessa had quit because of her relationship with famous actor, Rotimi. This interview came a few months after Vanessa Mdee announced her exit from the music industry saying she needed some time to herself and her new found love.A photo once emerged of Juma Jux unashamedly parading his machine in a tight boxer. The photo made rounds on the internet and many female fans were going wild. In the professionally taken pic, Jux was standing, shirtless, with just a boxer, parading his manhood. The bulge was so big that some joked that it may be edited or he has a rat inside his pants.

Juma Jux’s fashion endeavors:

Establishing the fashion brand “African Boy,” Juma Jux’s keen sense of style earned recognition in East African fashion circles, positioning him as a trendsetter.

Juma Jux net worth

Juma Jux boasts an estimated net worth of $2 million, attributed to his music sales and fashion ventures, elevating his status in the entertainment industry.

Juma Jux’s dynamic career trajectory and multifaceted contributions across music, fashion, and personal life have secured his place as a notable figure in Tanzania’s entertainment scene. Fans eagerly anticipate his future endeavors.