Gravity Omutujju’s house

Omutujju house
Omutujju house

Award-winning rapper Gravity Omutujju is one of the fastest-rising musicians in Uganda right now who along with gathering a huge following of fans, is also making good money from his music.

In 2021, Gravity Omutujju impressed us when he shared news of the completion of his new house joining other artists like Bobi Wine and Eddy Kenzo on the list of homeowners.

Today we take a look at Gravity Omutujju’s house which has goals written all over it. This man has a good eye for quality.

Where is Gravity Omutujju house located?

Gravity Omutujju's house

Gravity Omutujju’s house, source: Facebook

Gravity Omutujju’s house is located in Buziga off Salama road. Buziga is famed for having one of the best views in Uganda.

Gravity revealed that his giant palatial new home whose construction was completed in 2021 is estimated to have cost him around Sh.200 million.

Cool features of Gravity Omutujju’s house

In February 2021, Gravity Omutujju gave a brief tour of his house to his fans. Here are some of the cool features that can be spotted in Gravity Omutujju’s house.

Spacious compound

The house sits on a giant compound that provides ample parking space for the musician’s sleek cars.

The fully tiled compound is surrounded by a parameter wall with a barbed-wire fence at the top for extra security.

There are swing chairs and outdoor seats and table on the verandah where one can relax and enjoy the outdoors breeze on a hot afternoon.

The external walls of Gravity Omutujju’s house are painted in subtle clean shades of peach. It has giant glass windows and doors that let in plenty of light into the house.

Plenty of rooms

It is reported that Gravity Omutujju’s house has at least five bedrooms. Although he didn’t give a tour of the inside of the house if the outside is anything to go by then the house is large.

Fully furnished interiors

Gravity Omutujju has shared some photographs of himself indoors and we must say that the interiors of the house are every bit as classy as the exterior.

The living room is painted in clean colours and the floors are fully covered with beautiful white tiles. It is tastefully furnished with posh furniture that consists of luxurious couches and an entertainment system.

The house also consists of a dining room with a dinner set consisting of a dinner table surrounded by golden dinner chairs.

While some windows have classy drapes, a couple has blinds and they do a lot of justice in giving the rooms elegance.

What car does Gravity Omutujju drive?

Along with living in a palatial home, Gravity also drives luxurious cars that are fit for his name. One of Gravity Omuttuju’s grandest cars is a white Toyota Landcruiser which he purchased in 2020.

Speaking after the purchase of his monster on wheels, Gravity Omutujju revealed that his previous vehicle had lasted him seven years, which is the reason why he got the new car. He also took the chance to throw shade at other musicians who had allegedly been gifted cars by the government saying that he was above them because he had bought his car with his own money.

Gravity Omutujju has more than one house, below is his second house

Gravity 2nd house
Gravity 2nd house