From poverty to riches stories in Kenya

In this article we will share with you stories of Kenyan entrepreneurs that have succeeded in the business world. We exclude those that inherited riches or existing businesses from their parents.

To become rich in Kenya, one must start a successful business empire or join a lucrative career and ace it.

The stories of poverty to riches in Kenya can inspire you to start your own business or motivate you to work hard an invest better. Here are investment options in Kenya. You can also follow this link learn how to be a successful entrepreneur in Kenya.

Below is a list of those Kenyans that rose from poverty to riches in Kenya:

1. Lorna Rutto

Lorna Rutto is the founder of EcoPost which collects and recycles plastic waste, manufacturing fencing posts from the recycled matter. She is now one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in Kenya.

2. Eric Kinoti

Eric Kinoti is among the top list of business entrepreneurs in Kenya because of his Systems East Africa company. The firm makes more than $1 million in sales revenue yearly. He’s been featured twice in the Kenya’s Top 40 Under 40 and voted the most influential individual at the SOMA Awards as well as being listed in Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30.

3. Catherine Mahugu

Catherine Mahugu is the Soko co-founder, an e-commerce platform that has formulated a great foundation in Kenya. She is one of the few female self-made millionaires in Kenya.

4. Ronak Shah

Ronak Shah is the founder and CEO of Kronex Chemicals Ltd, unlike other successful entrepreneurs in Kenya, Shah keeps  a low profile and he is an Asian-Kenyan. His company low-cost household cleaning products.

5. Mike Muthiga

Mike Muthiga is one of the most successful Kenyan entrepreneurs. He is the CEO and founder of Fatboy Animations which produces 3D and 2D animations for film and commercials. He took online classes and watched tutorials to master his craft. He has worked for Safaricom, Telkom Orange and many more.

6. Danson Muchemi

Danson Muchemi is the founder of one of Kenya’s leading e-payment services, JamboPay, which also has some interests in web application and network securities. The firm received the Google Innovation Awards in Financial Services in 2013.

7. Joel Mwale

Joel Mwale is the founder of Sky Drop Enterprises whose business operations include purifying water for supply to the public. He is among the Kenyan entrepreneurs that started small and became successful. He is started at age 14 by establishing a borehole in his community.

8. Mike Maina

Mike Maina is the owner of Pelican Signs and Marble Arch hotel off Tom Mboya Rd. He also won Ksh.712 million court case against the government awarded by the Environment and Land Court in 2017.

9. Richard Evans

Richard Evans is the owner of various businesses including Hemmingway’s Aaamu, Hemmingway’s Karen, and Ol Seki Mara hotels.

10. Francis Mburu

Francis Mburu is a Kenyan entrepreneur and successful businessman who came to the limelight because of the Ruaraka land saga.

11. Chris Kirubi

CK was a popular business magnate who unfortunately passed on. He was the most popular business magnate in Kenya with investment most sectors in Kenya.

12. Peter Munga

Peter Munga is Equity Bank’s founder Peter Munga, one of Kenya’s largest commercial banks. He is currently the most influential personalities in the Kenyan banking sector.

13. George Wachiuri

Optiven Limited was founded by George Wachiuri. When he was getting started he lost five million Kenya shillings after buying land that turned out to be a scam. Optiven is one of the most popular brands in the real estate in Kenya.

14. Rajiv Mehta

Tangerine Investments was founded by Rajiv Mehta. The company focuses on outdoor advertisements by utilizing public service vehicles (PSVs), street poles and litter bins to advertise.

15. Tabitha Karanja

Tabitha Karanja is the founder of Keroche Breweries. She is currently the woman representative of Nakuru County. She is arguably one of the greatest female entrepreneurs in Kenya.

16. Ruth Mwanzia

Koola Waters founder, Ruth Mwanzia grew up in a semi-arid region in Kitui, which influenced her choice of business venture. She is now one of the wealthiest people in Kenya and part of the successful entrepreneurs in Kenya.

17. S.K Macharia

Media industry mogul and owner of Royal Media Services is S.K Macharia. He has many ventures including Rossy Tissues. He has also invested in agriculture, real estate, banking and many more.

18. Mike Macharia

Mike Macharia founded Seven Seas Technologies at only 25. Currently the company is operating in eight African nations, which makes him one of the most successful Kenyan entrepreneurs.

19. June Syowia

June Syowia is the founder of and CEO of Beiless Group, an advertising and marketing agency focusing on digital storytelling and experiential marketing.

20. Michelle Ntalami

The founder of Marini Naturals.

21. Babu Owino

Babu Owino is the current MP for Embakasi South. He came from a humble background and rose to be one of the richest politicians in Kenya. He is a perfect example of from poverty to riches in Kenya.