Fittest female Kenyan celebrities

Ever wondered why most celebrities not just in Kenya but around the world have well looking bodies? Well, the secret lies in exercising and keeping fit. Sometimes surgeries, but mostly the gym does the trick. Exercising is by far the best method to achieve a desired body.

Eating a healthy diet is also a key step to a toned body. So who are the fittest female celebrities in Kenya?

1 Talia Oyando

Talia Oyando

The night nurse! Literally. No other Kenyan celebrity shows her fit body like Talia Oyando does. Just look at this image! Have you seen what we saw? Well to keep up with Talia Oyando’s hot fitness pics, you should definitely follow her on her Instagram. She has the body and exercising is all worth it.

2. Chiki Kuruka

A fit Chiki Kuruka
A fit Chiki Kuruka

Chiki Kuruka is a iving testimony that keeping fit does not have to be accompanied by difficult exercises. While Chiki Kuruka does not visit the gym often, she achieves her great body figure with her love for dancing. Chiki Kuruka was part of the Slim Possible show that helped women lose their weight. She is married to Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime, with whom they share some exercising videos on their socials.

3. Yvonne Okwara

Yvonne Okwara exercising

Yvonne Okwara is not just gifted for media roles. She has a great personality and she complements it with a stunning body. Her body does not come from heaven like manna. Look! She even took a picture of herself in her fitness suit. Not all women can pause like so.

4. Natalia Tewa

Well toned Natalie Tewa
Natalie Tewa in her exercise costume

A tiny waist and curves is the dream of every woman. While some are naturally blessed with this look, it does not come easy for the rest. Natalie Tewa’s body is goals for every lady, and she has been serving us hot pics on her social media ever since she came to the limelight. To keep her body in shape, Natalie Tewa exercises quite often. You should emulate her.

5. Fashionable Step Mom (Catherine Kariuki)

Good looking Fashionable Step Mom

Catherine Kariuku, popularly known as the Fashionable Step Mom, is a “mother” to seven kids but she does not look it. She is another Akothee. Fashionable Step Mum is a Kenyan celebrity who is always conscious of what she eat and then commits herself to the gym three times a week. Well, it paid off because this beauty used to be a plus size woman. She shared her before and after photos on Instagram.

6. Akothee

Akothee in a gym session
Akothee in a gym session

The controversial singer is just like the fashionable step mum. One glimpse at her and you wouldn’t think she has more than five children. Akothee’s well-toned body is thanks to her regular exercise routine.