Eric Omba’s “daughters”?

Eric Omba and his ex-wife Gloria Muliro broke up after a photo of the pastor with young girls emerged online. At the time, the pastor accused his husband of having multiple affairs with young girls she was supposedly mentoring in her workshop.

He later on posted the photo several months later and said that the photo was erroneously perceived to be of his lovers. He said:

“Sometimes Back this picture was all over in media, Eti Eric Omba having Affair with these pretty young Ladies Whom I call them my Daughters and they call me Dad ..Am the father and I will never stop being the Father of Many Just because the devil is using someone to ruin people’s good Reputation and I will never shy to love and support anyone that God brings on my way. CAN I HEAR AN AMEN”

Despite several attempts to reunite with Gloria Muliro, Pastor Omba was unsuccessful, the two have since moved on with each having a news spouse.