DJ Mo biography: success, career, wife, net worth

DJ Mo is a well-known Kenyan Disk Jockey, a businessman, and a proud family man. DJ Mo portrays himself as an funny, humble and social being who loves interacting with people. His time spent on the decks and TV hosting has seen him gain so much respect, popularity, and recognition over the years.

DJ Mo came from a poor background and a rough childhood but has managed to build an admirable life, which is an inspiration to many young people to keep working.

Here’s DJ Mo’s biography:

DJ Mo Age

DJ Mo was born on the 4th of August in 1987. He is 36-years-old.

DJ Mo Family

DJ Mo was named Sammy Muraya Junior at birth and he is the third born child in his family. He lived with his family in Ocha were he did his primary education. The family later moved to Nairobi where they stayed in Mathare North and Kware slums in Rongai.

At some point in his life, DJ Mo eventually moved to Nakuru where he lived with his grandmother. He often refers to his grandmother as his hero. DJ Mo acknowledged that growing up life was not easy on him as they were poor but he thanks God for the grace and success he has now.

DJ Mo Education

DJ Mo started his formal education by attending at Maragua Primary school. Upon completion, the popular deejay furthered his studies at Lanet High School in Nakuru.

After finishing secondary school, he already knew what he wanted to do as his passion was music. He enrolled at Spin Rage DJ School where he graduated with a Diploma.

DJ Mo Marriage

Size 8 and DJ Mo
Size 8 and DJ Mo

DJ Mo married Size 8 in 2013, and they have been together for 8 years. Size 8’s real name is Linet Masiro Munyali, an award-winning gospel singer. DJ Mo revealed that he met size 8 through a friend and they had a deep spiritual connection that he nurtured and helped Size 8 to be born again.

“She kept telling me that she loved God so much and that she wanted someone to help bring her closer to God. I become that person!” said DJ Mo.

DJ Mo and Size 8 during their dating days

The couple is blessed with two kids, a girl called Ladasha Belle Wambui born in 2015 and a boy born in 2019 named Sammy Muraya Junior – DJ Mo named his son after himself.

Before conceiving her last born child, Size 8 was said to have lost a child through a miscarriage – it was 10 months before she conceived again. Size 8 conceived again for the fourth time in 2021 but had to undergo an emergency procedure to save either her life or that of the baby. The couple said that Size 8 had fluctuating temperatures and high blood pressure and the doctors had to save the mother’s life at the expense of the baby.

DJ Mo and Size 8 started a reality show on NTV called Dine With The Murayas, which ended in 2020. Via the reality show the couple revealed some of the challenges in their marriage, including insecurity, cheating allegations, poor levels of intimacy, and lack of quality time.

DJ Mo revealed to their viewers that marriage is a lot of work but the couple are willing to put in the work and not give up on each other.

DJ Mo career

Growing up, the versatile disk jockey, DJ Mo was fascinated by different instruments and this keen fascination led him into learning how to mix music.

He worked on experimenting with different kinds of sounds that he later applied when he started his professional career at Spin Rage DJ school.

In 2009 DJ Mo was fairly new in the industry when he started becoming popular after making it into the final round of Pilsner Mfalme DJ Competition.

In an interview, DJ Mo explained his experience before the finals.

“I used to sleep at the office deejaying and when the finals came, it was only me and DJ Nelly. Mind you they had said that they wanted to push the beer brand,” said DJ Mo.

DJ Mo lost to DJ Nelly in the semi finals of the Pilsner Mfalme DJ Competition. A few years after, DJ Mo had mastered his craft and was working as a big-time producer in the music industry.

In his interview with Kenyans, a publication in Kenya, DJ Mo explained how Christ Kirubi reached out to him:

“When I was on stage, Chris Kirubi was like, ‘you are a gospel DJ? And you have that much influence in the category? Come to my office on Monday’. That’s how I got the job at Capital FM,” DJ Mo said.

Through this competition, producers started noticing DJ Mo and opportunities started heading his way and he landed his first job with Capital FM.

After getting his first job with Capital FM, DJ Mo landed a job with NTV where he hosted Crossover 101, a gospel Sunday show alongside TV host Grace Ekirapa. DJ Mo left NTV in 2020 and has not been in the mainstream media until now but he still hosts several gigs as DJ while focusing more on his entrepreneurial activities.

DJ Mo philanthropy

As a philanthropist, DJ MO set up System Unit, which is an organisation that has worked on with his friend Elema. DJ Mo and Elema noticed that there was a gap with young Christians who had interests in dancing, but with nowhere to rehearse and so they founded Cross-Connekt, which has become a global organisation with a branch in South Africa.

As a firm believer and a Christian, DJ Mo offers a chance to youthful Christians and provides them with fruitful knowledge through the Gospel DJ Academy, Cross Conneckt. Both he and Size 8 also act as mentors to these youths.

DJ Mo and his wife also run a charity called Gods Gift Daycare that feeds over 3000 families. They often ask their fans to send in contributions in form of money, food, and clothes to help them accomplish this noble cause.

DJ Mo Controversy

DJ Mo Vs Nexxie

DJ Mo was caught up in a money scandal when the Gospel singer, Nexxie claimed that the two had an agreement to get Nexxie’s music on air. Nexxie accused DJ Mo of taking his money and not honouring their agreement. They both had proof of the transactions that had taken place.

The popular disk jockey went on to clarify the claims on air,

“There are conmen who go to River Road to search for recordings and trick artistes that they are well-associated with DJs and therefore on the off chance that they pay certain sums, they would have their music played. I figure this could be one of those cases as neither I nor my colleagues execute such business,” said DJ Mo.

DJ Mo furthered his clarification by indicating that he owns a vehicle worth millions, so he wouldn’t be greedy to take anyone’s money.

“I can’t accept kickbacks from anybody to play their music. Also, I drive a Range Rover so what is Sh20,000 to me? There are such huge numbers of allegations being sold out there that we (DJs) take cash from performers yet the agents do it and this, thusly, soils our name,” DJ MO continued.

DJ Mo Cheating Allegations

DJ Mo was once alleged to have cheated on his wife, Size 8. The alleged side chick to DJ Mo revealed their secret chats to blogger Edgar Obare who shared them with the public. The secret chats showed the two engaging in intimate talks while sharing nude photos of each other.

In receiving the news, Size 8 packed bags and left the house for a week with her daughter. However, she came back and posted on her Instagram that the devil was fighting her marriage and she was not going to allow the devil to win. She led her followers in prayers to deal with troubling marriages and even began showing DJ Mo more love instead of holding grudges over the cheating allegations.

According to one of Size 8’s interviews, she stated that the couple always resolve issues better after putting their celebrity statuses aside. DJ Mo also opened up after the cheating allegations saying he was surprised that his wife did not castigate him but they talked and prayed together and are now even stronger. He added that the cheating allegations were not true saying that someone was trying to make money with his name.

“The whole time I was like, wait, can someone be this good? But the whole time I felt, I have a wife, someone who stood with me all this time.” DJ Mo said praising his wife.

DJ Mo Job Loss

DJ Mo used to work at NTV hosting the popular show Crossover 101 on Sunday mornings. However, after rumors of his cheating arose, the DJ was a no show and has never returned to host Crossover 101 again. DJ Mo recently revealed that he was not fired at NTV but he no longer works there because he failed to renew his contract. NTV replaced him on February 2021 after he went missing from the show from October 2020. The once popular and irreplaceable DJ Mo was replaced by DJ Son.

DJ Mo has been absent on media and TV industry ever since he left NTV. Recently, DJ Mo revealed to radio presenter Jalang’o that his wealth comes from tenders. He added that the entertainment industry only gives him 20 percent of his total wealth. DJ Mo said that his connection and interaction with politicians has made it easier for him to ask for and acquire tenders. The DJ also told The Star that he currently makes more money in entrepreneurship than he made when he was working at NTV.

DJ Mo Net Worth

DJ Mo generates his revenue through the DJ Academy, business in form of tenders, as well as his gospel production.

The disk jockey mogul is known to own a Range Rover Sport and has two properties in Nairobi. His net worth isn’t reviewed but he is surely living a lavish lifestyle.

In 2021, DJ Mo stunned the internet when he showed the splendid house he is building for his parents.

DJ Mo continues to grow his brand as a producer, disk jockey, Family and businessman. DJ Mo’s net worth is to grow as he continues working on his craft.