Did Mike Sonko cry at a random mother’s grave for political mileage?

Politics is a dirty game they say, but some things are just not right. If the reports on TV and other online platforms are to go by, then Kenyan politics are getting tooo dirty… right?

Well, Mike Sonko was impeached as Nairobi Governor due to gross misconduct and corruption. Ideally, according to the Kenyan constitution, the former Nairobi Governor should not be vying for any seat. However, IEBC declared that any person alleged and has not been convicted in court can vie. Innocent till proven guilty.

Mike sonko’s decision to vie in Mombasa was not a random one. He had invested in a multimillion nightclub in Mombasa and he spent most of his time at the coast. Probably, he was weighing the option of making a comeback to politics.

Unfortunately, some residents of the coast came out to reject his bid claiming he was an outsider. Their concerns were on the alleged imposition of a ‘Nairobi reject” by the Kalonzo Musyoka‘s Wiper Party.

In a bid to show the public that Mike Sonko is indeed a Mombasan, if I may say, the party leaders accompanied him to public rallies reminding the voters that any Kenyan has the right to vie anywhere in Kenya. They also explained that Mike Sonko was born and grew up in Mombasa before moving to Nairobi. Additionally, they got emotional when they visited a graveyard. Sonko cried to his mother, showing how emotional he can be — it is not his first public cry. He has cried in court and in his office among other places.

Below is the video of Mike Sonko crying at a wrong grave.

Some residents have come to claim that the ex Nairobi governor was disrespecting the dead who are peacefully resting. Mike Sonko was urged to find the right grave for his late mother.

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