Cornie Fergusson and Shona Ferguson

Connie Ferguson’s age, biography, net worth, education, relationship

We cannot talk about the South African film industry without mentioning the name Connie Ferguson. She is a South African-based Motswana actress, filmmaker, producer and businesswoman. She has been the one constant and has evolved from an on-screen talent to behind the screen talent. What’s the secret to her long-standing career? Constance Ferguson She is best known for her role as “Karabo Moroka” on South Africa’s most popular soap opera, Generations. She starred on the show from its start in 1994 until she exited in 2010.

Personal Life

Connie Ferguson’s age and date of birth

Constance “Connie” Masilo was born on 10 June 1970, in Kimberly, South Africa. She is a 53-year old actress, producer, filmmaker, and businesswoman.

Though she was born in Kimberly, South Africa, Connie spent a large part of her childhood in Botswana before she returned to SA. Her parents are Fish and Margaret Masilo.


Connie Ferguson studied Criminal Law but failed to make the grade. Despite this setback, she went and successfully enrolled for a drama and performing arts degree, at the University of Kwazulu-Natal.


How did it all start for Connie?

Connie’s career took off with her debut role as Karabo Moroka in the long-running SABC1 hit TV show ‘Generations’ which first aired in 1994. She was on the show till October 2010, then made a brief reappearance four years later to help launch ‘Generations: The legacy’, until 2014 when she left for good.

Connie Ferguson proved her talent and has had no shortage of offers for roles thereafter. She also starred as Marang Lebone, matriarch and a helicopter-mom, in the M-Net soapie ‘The Wild‘ from 2011-2013.

She played several lead roles in ‘What If’, ‘Maitemogelo’, ‘Soul City’, and ‘Crime Reporter’. Connie also has many guest appearances and cameos to brag about on shows including ‘Okavango’, ‘Danger Zone’, ‘Matswakabele’, ‘Lesilo Rula’, ‘On The Right Track’, and ‘Suburban Bliss’.

When it comes to her productions, she starred in both Mzani Magic hit dramas, ‘Rockville’ and ‘The Queen’.

Connie was also a big part of advertising campaigns for Ellerines, Ultramel Custard, Black Like Me, and Vaseline. She also modelled for Black Chic, Vodacom Billboards, Eskamel, Wella, and her own Connie M Eyewear.

She owns Connie Bodycare and Connie M Eyewear brands.

Ferguson Films

In 2010, power couple Connie and Shona Ferguson launched their own television production company Ferguson Films.

The shows produced by the Shona and Connie Ferguson production company include ‘Rockville’, ‘iGazi’, ‘The Gift’, ‘The Throne’, ‘The Queen’, ‘The River’, and ‘The Imposter’. No Connie Ferguson biography can be complete without ‘The Queen’ – a hugely popular show in which Connie played Harriet Khoza.

In 2018, she was nominated in several categories for the South African Film and Television Awards. Connie also played Mavis Mabaso in ‘Rockville’.

Both Connie and Shona Ferguson co-produced the hit television show ‘Unmarried’ which first aired in 2018. The show is about the lives of three young ladies who live in Johannesburg and are juggling marriage, motherhood, relationships, and careers.

The production company also released the hit show ‘Kings of Joburg’, which was released on the global streaming platform Netflix after The Fergusons inked a deal with the international streaming service.

Achievements and Lifestyle

It all began when the star was voted one of South Africa’s Ten Most Beautiful Women in Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1993. Since then, Connie has added several feathers to her cap, including being on the cover of Forbes Africa and featuring in David Dodd’s Portraits of South Africa’s most beautiful women.

Is Connie all about an active lifestyle?

The mom of two doesn’t let her busy career get in the way of her active lifestyle and fitness regime. With youthful looks and abs of steel that fans can’t stop talking about, Connie takes her time at the gym very seriously. She even said that exercising has helped her get off antidepressants. Part of her Instagram post read:

“Exercise is good for so many reasons, but the reason I commit even when I don’t feel like it is because of its effect on my mental health. It’s been years that I’ve been off antidepressants, and even at its most challenging times, I managed to stay off.”

The star also takes time with family very seriously. When she isn’t doting on her grandson King Ro, she’s cheering both daughters Alicia and Lesedi as well as Husband Shona on her social media posts. The Connie Ferguson Instagram account is highly followed by fans showing love and respect for everything she posts.


Connie Ferguson’s family members

Connie grew up in a tight-knit family and has a young sister Atoise Pilane whom Connie calls “Twinny” as many say they look alike. Sadly, her mother passed away in 2013.


This is all you need to know about Connie Ferguson’s kids, marriage, and divorce.

Connie had a short-lived marriage with her first husband actor Neo Matsunyane. They got married in 1993 and divorced in 1998. The two have a daughter, Lesedi Matsunyane, and are currently on good terms with each other.

Three years after the divorce, her fans received news about Connie Ferguson’s second wedding. Connie married Aaron Shona Ferguson in November 2001. The two renewed their wedding vows in 2011 in a beautiful ceremony. Connie and Shona Ferguson will have been married for 19 years as of 2021. They have a daughter, Alicia Angel Ferguson, born on 7 June 2002.

Shona spoilt his wife with lavish gifts, home-cooked meals, flowers, and fancy cars.


What prophecy?

We are now almost used to prophets coming out claiming to make prophecies over all manner of things. A prophecy by Aaron Xhali about Connie Ferguson’s impending death got people triggered. He alleged that Connie was in danger of getting cancer.

Despite Connie’s struggle since she lost her husband Shona Ferguson in 2021, he went further and insinuated that Shona’s death was partly due to her not being keen on divine messages.

Connie expressed her frustration at Aaron through her tweet “So triggered”. Connie’s daughter Sedii Matsunyane-Ferguson accused Aaron of using her family as clickbait to get fame.

Connie, Shona Productions saga

Despite their stellar image, Connie and Shona Ferguson can’t escape controversy simply because of their fame. One of the biggest dramas they faced was when one of Ferguson Films’ disgruntled employees claimed that the production company was a slave driver. Ferguson films broke their silence on the accusations stating that these rumours were the product of misguided allegations made by actress Vatiswa Ndara.

The ‘iGazi’ actress, who at the time played a role in the series, wrote a letter to the Minister of Arts where she alleged ‘poor remuneration, unfair contractual agreement, unfair treatment by producers, and made claims about bullying and intimidation in the industry’.

Connie and Shona released the following statement about the allegations via their legal representative;

“As actors ourselves and producers, we are aware of the challenges facing the entertainment industry. We fully support a need for the industry to be regulated and the Performance Protection Amendment Bill to be signed sooner rather than later. With that said, the allegations made by various actors do not reflect the true position of the industry and paint a false picture that may mislead the public.”

Glamour Magazine furor

Another blow at Connie’s image was when her cover for Glamour magazine’s April 2020 issue shot to the top of the trending list for the wrong reasons. Fans didn’t react the way they usually did to Connie’s flawless images.

Instead, they were taken aback by the bodysuit and leather jacket combo paired with an uncharacteristic bob wig. Some fans opined that the look did not fit the carefully curated style and image that Connie Ferguson has developed over the years. They felt that it would work on a younger person.

Did Connie do social and community campaigns?

Connie’s been using her fame and influence for the greater good. Ferguson Productions hosted sexual harassment impact workshop on the set of ‘The Queen’. Both cast and crew members shared their thoughts on how sexual harassment can be ended and pledged that they will never commit the crime. The campaign fits well with the recent trend where celebs have been using their social platforms to call for an end to gender-based violence and human trafficking.


Connie Ferguson owns a fleet of cars including a Maserati, a Mercedes Benz AMG63, A Rolls Royce, a Bentley, and a Range Rover, to name a few.


Connie Ferguson is one of the wealthiest actors in South Africa. Her house demonstrates this. She lives in an eight-bedroom mansion in Johannesburg. It has some glorious views with manicured lawns, a stretch of walkways, a driveway in which Shona was pictured riding a motorbike, and a twin staircase amongst other features that weren’t captured.

Net Worth

As of 2021, Connie Ferguson’s total net worth is estimated to be approximately $2 million.

Awards & Recognition

2021: Gene Schultz Community Service Awards

At the 2009 South African Film Awards, Connie Ferguson won the Best Dressed Actress In Generations award and was nominated for the Best Heroine Award for the same show.

Social Media

Connie Ferguson’s Instagram: @Connieerguson

Connie Ferguson’s Twitter: @Connie_Ferguson

Connie Ferguson’s Facebook: Connie Ferguson


Is Connie Older than Shona? 

Yes. Connie Ferguson is four years older than her late husband Shona Ferguson. Connie was born in 1970 and Shona in 1974.

How much is Connie Ferguson’s net worth? 

Connie Ferguson net worth is estimated at $2 million. She has accumulated this through her long-standing career, her businesses – Ferguson Films & Connie Bodycare and endorsement deals.

Is Alicia Ferguson Connie’s daughter? 

Yes, she is. Connie and Shona Ferguson have one daughter together, Alicia Angel Ferguson, born on 7 June 2002.

Was Shona Ferguson younger than Connie? 

Yes. Shona Ferguson was younger than Connie Ferguson. Until his demise, Shona was 47 years old while Connie is 51.

Is Connie Ferguson a millionaire? 

Yes. Connie Ferguson’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.