Bobi Wine’s house [photos]

Bobi Wine's mansion, credit: GalaxyFM
Bobi Wine's mansion, credit: GalaxyFM

Bobi Wine is one of the best musicians that Uganda has ever produced, and he also dabbles as a seasoned politician and a remarkable businessman.

As the richest musician in East Africa, according to Forbes, Bobi Wine drives in sleek cars and lives in a palace fit for a king.

After the 2021 general elections, where Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie were put under house arrest, images of Bobi Wine’s house came to light, and we caught a glimpse of the stately home.

Here are all the answers to your questions about Bobi Wine’s house, including photos and videos that will give you more ideas about your dream home.

Where is Bobi Wine’s house located?

Bobi Wine giving a press conference outside his home, credit: campus times
Bobi Wine giving a press conference outside his home, credit: campus times

Bobi Wine’s house sits on a 10-acre piece of land in the suburbs of Magere, off Gayaza road, North Kampala.

The house that had been under construction for around four years was officially ready for its inhabitants in 2007, and Bobi Wine held a giant housewarming party to celebrate his new achievement.

How much was Bobi Wine’s house?

At the time of acquisition, it was estimated that Bobi Wine’s house cost around UGX 400 million. Over the ten years plus, the property’s value has definitely gone up.

Cool features of Bobi Wine’s house

Bobi Wine’s 6-bedroom house has some really remarkable features, including a minibar and a recording studio. Here are other cool features that make Bobi Wine’s house truly impressive.

It appears that Bobi Wine and his wife have a taste of royalty and class. The exterior of their house is painted in all crisp white colours, which gives the house a fresh and clean aesthetic outlook.

The house is supported by huge white pillars and has several arch-shaped balconies that give it a palace touch.

A front view of Bobi Wine's house
A front view of Bobi Wine’s house, credit: Instagram

The home also has a vast fully-tiled driveway that is flanked by giant Palm trees on both sides. It also has a spacious compound where the family loves hanging out. The compound is fully carpeted with lawn grass, and has plenty of flowers, and trees.

Bobi wine house and his wife

Like the outside, the interior of Bobi Wine’s house is also fully furnished. The main living room has modern black leather couches, tiled white floors, and the walls are filled with lots of family pictures, elegant artistic pieces, and bookshelves.

Did security surround Bobi Wine’s house?

Bobi Wine and Barbie at their home
An aircraft hovering over Bobi Wine’s house, credit: Twitter

After the highly contested 2021 general election, Bobi Wine took to Twitter to lament that president Museveni had deployed the army and police to surround his house and block him from leaving his home. He also complained that choppers were hovering around his house.

Even though the government denied blocking Bobi Wine’s home, pictures of heavily armed security personnel were quickly circulated on social media, supporting Bobi Wine’s claims.

Bobi Wine’s other properties

Other high-end properties owned by Bobi Wine include a commercial building called Ssemakokiro Plaza at Kamwokya and One Love Beach in Busabala.

In 2021, an article made rounds online that Bobi Wine had secretly bought a $6 billion new house in Boston, USA, accompanied by images of a stately building. It was later revealed by Africa Check that the story had been a hoax, and the photos had been doctored.

Did Bobi Wine’s brother build a house?

Mickie Wine's house, credit: chano8
Mickie Wine’s house, credit: chano8

In late 2020, Bobi Wine’s brother- Mickie Wine, unveiled a beautiful multi-million mansion that sits on three acres of land that had taken him about five years to construct.

It appears that the Ssentamus are one focused clan who follow through with their goals and we are happy for them.