Best English news anchors in Kenya, who is your favorite?

With the migration of Kenyan TV channels from analogue to digital transmissions. The number of TV stations in Kenya has also grown tremendously and Kenyans have a preference for one or two of these stations. One of the most important factors in increasing the viewership of a TV station is the choice of news anchors and reports. Each TV station strives to have the best English news anchors in Kenya so that they can maintain high viewership and increase revenue from advertisements.

Some of the most popular TV stations in Kenya include KBC, K24, Switch TV, TV47, KN, NTV, and Citizen TV.

Below are the best English news anchors in Kenya

There are more than 20 English news anchors in Kenya. Their work is to shape and influence public opinion through their in-depth insights and dissection of current events in Kenya.

Giverson Maina

Jeff Koinange

Ken Mijungu

Linda Oguttu

Tom Mboya

Victoria Rubadiri

Victoria Rubadiri

Gladys Gachanja

Grace Kuria

Waihiga Mwaura

Yvonne Okwara – Matole

Yvonne Okwara

  1. Anne Kiguta

Debarl Inea

Now those among the best and most influential English news anchors in Keya. You are likely to listen to any of these in the 9PM news bulletins.