Berry Heart biography: career, family, net worth, relationship, age

Berry Heart
Berry Heart

Berry Heart is an accomplished poet and singer whose works has elicited mixed reactions due to their provoking nature. Whilst she says she celebrates art, her critics hold that she’s promoting nudity. Berry Heart is also a businesswoman and is a fluent speaker of French and German languages.

Berry Heart whose real name is Keotshepile Motseonageng was born on 19 December 1987. She has a diploma in French from Alliance Francaise, a degree in English, and a certificate in German and is pursuing her second degree in creative multimedia at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

Berry Heart’s career

In 2008, Berry Heart put out her first music project Mama which was produced by Daniel Schmidt in Germany. She also worked with a German Band called One Day Trip.

In 2011, the multitalented artist released her first-ever poetry album “Giving Birth to Love” under Berry Heart productions. According to Berry Heart, the Botswana audience did not understand the concept of music and poetry.

The following year, Berry collaborated with the French embassy and Alliance Francais and produced the “Children of Mawa” Charity Album. From there, Berry Heart released her final album named “Kgolo” which carries 10-tracks.

Her work has courted controversy as she’s been accused of promoting nudity. Case in point in 2015 when she released the cover art for her track “For Dinner” in which Berry sits on her legs nude with her hands tied to her back. According to her, this was a celebration of femininity and denied accusations that she merely advocated for nudity.

Away from performance, Berry Heart is passionate about women’s empowerment. In 2011, she took part in 16 days of activism against violence and children and also worked with the women’s affairs department and Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs to spread the message.

Berry Heart also used her fourth album “Girl Power” to raise funds and create awareness about gender-based violence. Berry Heart has also worked as the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations.

Other ambitions

Berry Heart is keen on expanding her portfolio which is why she’s pursuing a degree in creative multimedia. Currently, she hosts the show The Craft on the streaming platform UPICTV. She is also the author of a book titled Girl Power.

When it comes to business, Berry Heart runs a clothing brand, Berry Hearts Creations and For Dinner Lingerie brand.

Berry Heart’s relationships & family

Berry Heart is married to Brian Sokesi, the CEO of Pro Worth, a real estate company. They met in 2015 but she was in another relationship and thus related as friends.

Three years down the line, Berry was single and the pair started dating and are now married. Berry and Brian have one son named Amari who was born on 14 June 2020. Despite his tender age, he is already in business with the Amari clothing brand.

Berry Heart’s controversy

Berry Heart’s six nominations for the BOMU awards in 2016 rubbed Bostwana music fans as well as industry colleagues the wrong way. Her album “Kenya” had not yet been released but was nominated in the Best Female, Best Newcomer, Best Collaboration, Best R&B Album, Best Packaged Album and Best Single categories.

Those who opposed her nomination stated that an album must have been officially launched at least nine months before for it to be legible.

However, the then Secretary-General of BOMU Awards Pagson Ntsie stated that some rules were relaxed as the country celebrated its 50 years in music thus implying that Berry Heart’s nomination was fair.

On her part, Berry Heart maintained that she worked hard for the recognition and that her competitors’ work didn’t match hers.

I thought I was dead

In a chilling Facebook post, Berry Heart narrated how she nearly died after she suddenly fell ill and collapsed at the OR Tambo airport while on a business trip to Gaborone.

The artist was rushed to Nyangabwage Hospital which she credits for saving her life where she was hospitalised for three days. During that moment, Berry Heart claims she saw her dead relatives and thought she died.

Throughout the post, she repeatedly refers to Mr CEO whom she said came through for her during her time of need. She was eventually diagnosed with malaria.

Berry Heart’s Net Worth

Berry Heart’s net worth might not be known but in her Instagram profile, she describes herself as a future multi-billionaire. Is she already a millionaire? She’s a successful businesswoman and artist so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Berry Heart has crossed the millionaire mark.

Social Media

Berry Heart’s Instagram: @BerryHeart

Berry Heart’s Twitter: @BerryHeartPoet 

Berry Heart’s Facebook: Berry Heart

Awards & recognition

2022: Influential Woman of the Year at the Woman Awards Botswana

2012: Miss BOMU (Botswana Musician Union)

2012: Nominated in the Best Folk Category

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