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Anne Waiguru is the current Governor of Kirinyaga County. She was  born in 1972. Forbes Africa says that she is loved and feared along the corridors of power.

Ann Waiguru age and place of birth

How old is Anne Waiguru now? Born in 1971 in Kirinyaga, Anne Waiguru is currently 52 years as of 2023. She celebrates her birth on April 16 every year.

Profile summary:

  • Full Name Anne Waiguru
  • Profession Politician
  • Age 56
  • Date of Birth April 16, 1967
  • Birthplace Nyeri Kenya
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Height Under review (Under review)
  • Weight Under review (Under review)
  • Birth Sign Aries
  • Ethnicity Kikuyu
  • Marital Status Married
  • Religion Unknown
  • Net Worth Total 100,000 – $1M
  • Annual Earnings Pending
  • Source of Money Politician and Businesses
  • Cars Mercedez Benz

Ann Waiguru education

Ann Waiguru joined Nairobi River Primary School before heading to Precious Blood Girls Secondary School, Riruta.

She moved to Egerton University where she graduated with a Degree in Agriculture and Home Economics.

She holds a Masters degree in Economic Policy from the University of Nairobi, and has specialized experience in public finance, financial management systems, public service reform and capacity building, and governance.

It is at the University of Nairobi that she got her nickname Honey, per Mpasho.

“Waiguru is just my political moniker. Even my friends at home don’t call me that. I have a nickname and it’s ‘Hunny’ which I got from university. Some of them also just use my first name instead,”

Ann Waiguru career life

Ann Waiguru career started when she joined public service as the Director, Integrated Financial Management and Information System (IFMIS), and, Head of Governance at the National Treasury.

In 2011, she was honoured by the Business Daily as one of the Top 40 under 40 women in the country, she was the only person from public service.

In 2020, Waiguru survived her second impeachment after an 11 member-committee cleared her after 10 days of hearings investigating charges levelled against Waiguru by members of the Kirinyaga County Assembly. The charges included abuse of office.

In January 2021, she achieved another milestone after releasing Ksh 110 million to benefit 40,000 learners, the highest ever amount released by an individual county.

In terms of her career life Ann Waiguru revealed: “… I worked at the World Bank and as the assistant vice president at Citi Group before joining government so the things I own were acquired legally.”

Ann Waiguru family, husband and sons

Anne Mumbi Waiguru was born in 1971 in Kirinyaga County. The governor reportedly has three siblings; two sisters and a brother. It is reported that she, unfortunately, lost her dad at the age of 18. Waiguru is a proud mother of three sons; Ian Waiguru, Don Waiguru and Wabu Waiguru.

Ann Waiguru sons
Waiguru’s sons: Ian Waiguru, Don Waiguru and Wabu Waiguru.

Ann Waiguru sons

Ann Waiguru husband
Ann Waiguru with her husband Waiganjo Kamotho

Mpasho reported four instances that Ann Waiguru praised his husband in public:

1. When collecting her certificate after being re-elected as Kirinyaga governor, Waiguru praised Waiganjo for being supportive.

“I want to thank my husband. He is the very best husband anyone can have. My pillar and my strength. Whenever you tell me that I am calm, it is mostly because of him. He carries the load and were it not for him, I would not have made it,” she said.

2. When she moved to UDA, and her husband supported her move, she said

“If you see my face, I am happy. If you compare now and when I got married I have gained weight, it means I am happy. Ndoa ni nzuri!” Waiguru said.

3. During an NTV Interview he praised him for supporting him politically behind the scenes.

“He does his work as the first gentleman. Like this weekend, first spouses had a health programme. They were launching the cancer month, he was a chief guest and other first ladies were there. He helps the County in his own way but he is not a politician, so he is not so vocal.”

4. After the Senate failed to impeach her, Waiguru, sweetly stated

“Special thanks to my Husband who has been amazingly supportive throughout this process. A friend of mine recently said that there are husbands from heaven and then there are husbands who come walking. You are definitely one from heaven.”

Anne Waiguru first husband

Ann Waiguru assumed her current surname, Waiguru when she married her first husband, Tony Waiguru Njuguna, who was also a lawyer. Ann and Tony met at the Nairobi Lighthouse Church in the 1990s.

Cracks in their marriage began between 2003 and 2004 after Ann Waiguru climbed up the ladder in her career. At the time, Waiguru was working for renowned economist David Ndii at the Kenya Leadership Institute.

Tony moved out of their posh Runda home into a servant’s quarters at his brother’s house in Ngumo estate. Ann Waiguru eventually divorced her husband after losing contact for several months.

The three sons Ann Waiguru has were fathered by Tony Waiguru.

What is the net worth of Ann Waiguru?

Ann Waiguru’s net worth has been a subject of debate for several years since she became a CS. According to Nairobi News, in 2018, Ann Waiguru’s net worth was below Kes 300 million. She said that she is not a billionaire yet despite several Kenyans linking her to the theft of more than Kes 981 million shillings from the ministry she headed.

Waiguru said that she owned homes  and land even before she was appointed to be CS, claiming that all the corruptions allegations against her are unfounded and ill-intended.

“Let’s assume I’m the most corrupt and therefore I have acquired a lot of money from government which I am now using and so my value should be several billion shillings, isn’t it?” She posed to Jeff.

She then proceeded to mention the few properties she owns:

  • “I have a small property on Mombasa –Mlolongo Road which I’ve had for a long time, half an acre in Lukenya and another acre with a rentable place in Sagana. That’s it.”
  • A house in the leafy surburb of Runda and another in Kihingo, which she owned before joining politics.
  • “I lived in Runda before I joined the government and I own a house there. I also drove a Mercedes Benz before joining government so there is no way I could have benefited from fraudulent transactions at the NYS.”

Anne Waiguru contacts

  • Instagram: Anne Waiguru
  • Facebook: Anne Mumbi Waiguru
  • Twitter: Anne Waiguru
  • Official website for Kinyinyaga County

Ann Waiguru photos

Ann Waiguru photos

Ann Waiguru photos

Ann Waiguru photos