Angelina Jolie gets fierce criticism for her hair extension

We all know and love Angelina Jolie, especially her eyes which complement her beauty. Recently, the famous actress has been travelling around the world promoting her new movie, Externals. 

Hair extensions are not uncommon these days. In Kenya, a very huge percentage of ladies use them. And sometimes they go unnoticed. Hair extensions are used to lengthen a person’s natural hair or provide more volume.

Celebrities also use them. A recent example is Angelina Jolie, who really loves boosting her beauty with artificial glam helpers. When appearing on the red carpet at the premiere of her film “Externals” at the film festival in Rome (October 24th, 2021), her fans were not at all enthusiastic about the actress’s hair extension.

According to some viewers, the extensions, which were supposed to complement Angelina Jolie’s elegant and stylish look, looked somehow out of place. Instead of integrating almost inconspicuously into the hairstyle, they stood out and seemed quite unnatural. And for several reasons: The real hair of the actress was simply cut off bluntly below the shoulder blades, while the hair extension reached even further into the lower back. And in terms of color, too.

Angelina Jolie currently wears a dark brown hair color , the extensions, however, were a lot lighter when she appeared and thus shone even more.

Hair Extension: The Internet criticizes the actress’ hairdresser but she was proud on stage

Who is to blame for that miserable hair fail? Her or her hairstylists? Netizens think that her hair stylist should be fired. After the photos went viral, they attracted a myriad of negative comments and a few positives from the brand of the dress she wore.

But even if you are currently smiling about the eye-catching extensions online: Angelina Jolie seemed to be comfortable. The actress beamed on the red carpet and skillfully posed for the photographers present in her elegant silver-colored dress from Atelier Versace.