Akothee children: a glance at her daughters and sons

Akothee children

When exploring Akothee’s children, you can not ignore the fact that the controversial musician has been married severally, with imminent break ups in each of her marriages. Akothee’s daughters have referred to her as a “bitch”, prompting Kenyans to wonder what kind of a relationship they enjoy with their mother.

However, Akothee’s sons are not as controversial as she and her daughters are. The boys are reserved. Perhaps because they are still young.

How many children does Akothee have?

Akothee daughter’s names are Prudence Apundo, Celly Rue Brown, and Vesha Shailan Okello. The boss lady’s handsome boys are Oyoo and Ojwang.

Akothee was once asked how much her net worth was and she said “5 kids”. She has three beautiful daughters and two handsome sons, all from different fathers who hail from different nationalities.

Akothee has openly come out as a proud woman who loves children and she doesn’t mind how many times she gives birth and with who. She publicly says she loves making babies. However, all her baby daddies seem to be wealthy individuals from different nationalities.

Akothee daughters

At the youthful age of 14, the controversial artist gave birth to her firstborn daughter. The other two daughters followed when she was aged 15 and 16.

Therefore, Akothee had her three daughters extremely early in her life. Later, she added two sons to her family. The artist has numerously made it known that she enjoys having children.

Akothee daughters

In 2000, the songstress gave birth to another daughter as well, hitting to four beautiful daughters with the same man. Sadly, her second born daughter fell ill and the boss lady could not afford the hospital bills at that time and she ended up losing her baby.

In 2000, Akothee and the husband went their separate ways because of their personal relationship issues. You can imagine what the ‘benefactor’ artist went through with the kids. She even said that she was once an omena seller just to make the ends meet. Akothee reconciled with the husband; remember by that time, the husband was done with his university studies and he had a job in Nairobi. The boss lady decided to clear up her high school education from where she left at a nearby secondary, Kanyasrega.

Akothee cleared her high school level studies and joined the husband in Nairobi. Unfortunately, the husband got rich and he dumped her for another woman. That must be a difficult period for the beautiful Kenyan singer. Akothee’s character of being strong was in her and therefore her only option of survival was to go to Mombasa and join her brother who was working as a taxi driver. The profit share she got was her way of upkeep with the kids.

Akothe daughters on road trip
Akothee daughters on road trip to Watamu

 Prudence Apundo

Celly Rue Brown (alias Celine Dion Okello alias Rue Baby)

Vesha Shailan Okello.

Every person has a lucky day and it was Akothee’s time of turn over. What happened? Well, he met with diplomatic man as he was doing her daily rounds with the taxi. The man got curious on how such a young lady could get engaged in such a job. Akothee and the diplomatic man became good friends to an extent of her introducing him to her children.

Akothee sons

The relationship grew stronger making her to fly to Switzerland and live with him. In no time, Akothee conceived and she later realized that her Switzerland man interest wanted to just have a baby with her with no marriage. She felt bad and she could not hesitate to get back to her country. The good bit is that the swiss mate offered her around a million shillings for upkeep of their son. The support she receives from her baby daddies accounts for the flashy lifestyle Akothee children enjoy.

Akothee with her sons Prince Oyoo and Prince Ojwang
Akothee with her sons Prince Oyoo and Prince Ojwang

The strong woman was back to her taxi business. Akothee gave birth to a handsome baby boy; marking her 4th born child. The songstress was unstoppable and even breastfeeding could not stop her from doing her daily hustle. In no time, she met with a French man and they fell madly in love with each other. Akothee gave birth to another baby boy marking her 5th born child. The good bit is that Akothee sons are well taken care by their dads proved by her Instagram posts.

Now Akothee is a proud mother of 5 and she openly says that she does not mind to conceive other kids. Akothee children is an inspirational story of a mother who suffered when she was underage and “working” her way up the social ladder.