Buying a third party car insurance in Kenya

Car insurance is one of the decisions you will make as an individual, if you afford a car. Insurance is one of the ways in which your personal finance decisions will be directed. But it is not possible for most Kenyans to insure everything, leave alone comprehensively insuring their cars.

Insurance is expensive affair to the average citizen. While there are three car insurance options to choose from, in most instances, Kenyans opt to buy third party car insurance covers because they are the cheapest option. And also because it is a legally mandated obligation for every vehicle user in Kenya. Because of the connation “cheap”, most people wrongly assume it is not helpful to have one. Although you may have a lot of money to spare, buying a comprehensive insurance for your car may not always be the best decision.

Below are some of the reasons why buying a third-party car insurance in Kenya is good:

  • You just need a minimum cover for your car to comply with the law. You risk facing a jail term of several months or years or a fine of up to Ksh100,000. This is something you will want to avoid at all costs, so you opt for the cheapest alternative.
  • You do not have enough money to upgrade your cover. Maybe you have just bought your car online and you have used most of the money, getting a comprehensive insurance at this time will not be a good option. Instead, you can buy a third-party insurance for a few months of even for that year. Later when you have enough money you can then buy a comprehensive insurance cover.
  • You know that your car is not exposed to serious risks. Sometimes, it is just not economical to buy an insurance cover for a car that you rarely use. If your car is parked in a secure compound for most days of the year, then a third-party insurance cover is your best choice for the few times you take it to the streets.
  • Your car is only used in a confined area. Assume you have a private school and the vehicle is used to carry firewood or desks within the locality. In such cases, you don’t need expensive covers for your vehicle.

It does not matter what the reasons for buying a third party insurance cover are. The most important factor is to ensure you have one for your car to protect yourself from liabilities that you may face whilst using the car.

I encourage you to do further research to determine which is the best insurance provider in Kenya, for not just private car third party covers but also other insurance products. Many policy holders complain a lot about how their insurers have never helped them when they needed them the most.

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