The most dangerous holiday destinations in 2022

Political unrest, natural disasters or the risk of terrorist attacks represent a security risk that is difficult to calculate for travelers. It is therefore all the more important to find out about the security situation in the respective country before you start your holiday. The Risk Map 2022 can serve as a guide here.

The British management consultancy “Control Risks” together with SOS International publishes a ” Travel Risk Map ” every year to show economic risks for international companies. When evaluating individual countries, the political situation plays just as much a role as crime and terrorism. Travelers can draw important conclusions from the ” Travel Risk Map “.

Vacation 2022: Risk Map shows safe & unsafe travel destinations

So that countries with an increased security situation can be recognized immediately, the countries are divided into five risk levels. The color indicates which stage a country belongs to. The lighter the color, the less endangerment in the country. This results in the following color levels:

  • negligible (very bright)
  • low (bright)
  • medium (medium)
  • high (dark)
  • extreme (very dark)

Accordingly, the new “Risk Map 2022″ classifies the security situation in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen as extremely dangerous. In Europe, the eastern part of Ukraine is affected. And countries like Pakistan, Algeria, parts of Mexico and Venezuela also have an increased security risk.

The ” Travel Risk Map ” not only shows the most dangerous holiday destinations for 2022, but also which countries are classified as particularly safe. These include Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Slovenia.

The “Risk Map” helps you to identify possible security risks and to prepare accordingly for the trip.

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