Travelling to Kisii? Take note of the following

Kisii is a rather small place to explore but with richness in environment and people you won’t find elsewhere, of course. With dedication and hardwork, you can visit all the places I suggest within a day, or two.
The best places to visit in Kisii Country are not just luxury hotels and fancy restaurants. Being a highland area, there are so many spots you go to and have a glimpse of nature. All while enjoying the sound of birds, crickets, and livestock.
The place is also ever green. If you are from Kajiado, then you might find Kisii a worthy sightseeing destination. If you love nature, Kisii is your place. Even the natives stand back and behold when they return home after a long while.
With several ridges and valleys, Kisii country is a unique manifestation of a highland equatorial climate. An estimated 1.2 million people stay in Kisii’s 1,317.4 square kilometres of land. The county is also headed by a Governor as with any other county in Kenya.
So here are the best best places to visit in Kisii County.

1. Tabaka Soapstone Mining and Carvings

Tabaka centre is just 24 kilometres from Kisii town. Here, you will see how soapostne is mined and explore some of the best art that have found their ways into US’s elite people and places.
Tabaka is the chief source of soapstone in Kenya and the carvings here will be very affordable to you.

2. Manga Hills

Other than a picturesque place where you can also hike, it is the boundary between Kisii and Nyamira counties. The place is great for people that love landscape photography, or taking photos in general.

3. Nyakwana Falls – the only waterfall in Kisii

It is a breathtaking waterfall located in River Gucha which originates in the highlands of Kiabonyoru. This is one of the best places to visit in Kisii County for sightseeing adventures.

4. Kamel Park Hotel

Located just 20 minutes drive from Kisii Town CBD, the 5-star hotel provides state of the art facilities for a relaxation getaway. Whether you are an individual, a family, or a corporate entity, Kamel Park provides a service that uniquely satisfies you. It is a meeting and event place.
With amenities such as a spacious outdoor meeting and event space, 700 guests capacity for meetings, dedicated event specialists, an on-site business center, swimming pool, wifi, modern restaurant, etc. Hotel prices in Kamel Park range from Ksh5500 (55$) to 15,000 ($150).

5. Sameta Hills

From Sameta hills you can see Kisii town and beyond.

6.River Gucha

Again if you love nature, Kisii is your place to visit. River Gucha drains it water into Lake Victoria and has its source in Kiabonyoru, Nyamira County.

7. Nyangweta Forest

The forest is located in Gucha South district, with around 104 hectares. If you love a nature-themed travel, this should be among your bucket list as you will enjoy nature at its best – trees and birds.

8. Kiong’anyo Hills

These hills are ideal for those that love walks and hiking adventures.

9. Nyamasibi Hills

Nyamasibi hills has an elevation of 2170 meters. It is a place that offers exceptional hining and sightseeing opportunities.

10. Kisii Golf Club ( Erera)

This is a 9 hole golfing course that provides recreational facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, and a restaurant.

11. Nyanchwa Hills

Nyanchwa is hilly and a very popular estate within and outside Kisii. While here you can view the amazing Kisii town.

12. Night life in Kisii

There are quite a number of popular night clubs that will offer you just as good an experience as you’re used to, if not better. These include Mocha Place, Nexus Club, Big Man Bazu (BMB), etc.

13 Grocery or Supermarket

All the major supermarkets in Kenya always open a branch in Kisii. Currently, there is Naivas and other localised brands such as Shivling and KisiiMatt.

14 Market Place in Kisii

Most towns in Kisii have a market with two market days. The largest market is Daraja Mbili which serves the three counties of Nyamira, Kisii, and Migori.
Zion Hotel
Ufanisi Resorts


These are not all the best places you can visit in Kisii. I can tell you for sure that each destination will be uniquely fulfilling to you. All you have to do is to be armed with appropriate clothes. Always carry warm clothes. Use the map here to see the places you can sleep or spend some (and the suggested amounts).

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