Will you buy a luxury doll for your kid?

Only the best is good enough for the little ones – and sometimes it just has to be a luxury toy. From the Barbie in a designer outfit to the diamond-encrusted Hello Kitty doll: you can find a small selection of exclusive items here.

For those who like it exclusive themselves, only deluxe goods are often good enough for their own child: from designer clothes to expensive shoes to high-tech prams, everything finds its buyers. And there is also a large range of luxury toys for the little ones. A selection of fine items can be found here.

From Barbie to Bugatti: luxury toys for children

Barbie dolls have many children in their closets, but not all Barbies are the same. For example, there is a Barbie doll in designer clothes for the little fashionistas of the future. And since only the right accessories really round off an outfit, there is of course the diamond necklace as well. Hello Kitty is also available in the luxury version, set with diamonds, sapphires and topaz gemstones.

But there are not only dolls in the luxury equipment, but also model cars. As if a miniature Bugatti weren’t already chic enough, there is also a luxury version: made of platinum, gold and diamonds. You can also get beautiful doll houses for as high as you can bid.

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