ZTE smartphones in Kenya

In contrast to Samsung, Apple or HUAWEI, ZTE smartphones are still relatively unknown devices on the mobile phone market in this country. Nevertheless, the smartphones from ZTE do not have to hide from well-known brands. On the contrary. more and more cell phone users recognize the advantages of Chinese cell phones, such as low selling prices.

With a ZTE smartphone, you get a solid mobile phone from the lower to middle price segment for little money, which combines useful functions and multimedia aspects. Here you will find the right smartphone for every type of use: Whether gaming, business, or everyday use – ZTE smartphones adapt to your needs and are therefore your reliable companion.

ZTE smartphones in Kenya


Year founded: 1985
Founders: Wei Gui Hou
Headquarters: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Number of employees: approx. 72,580 (2021)
Annual sales: approx. USD 14.7 billion (2021)
Website: https://zte.com.cn

ZTE is a Chinese telecommunications equipment company founded in 1985. The company is based in Shenzhen, a sub-provincial city of the Chinese province of Guangdong. ZTE has been expanding worldwide since 1996 and is trying to win foreign markets for itself and its products.

Even if you weren’t familiar with ZTE until now, the company is still extremely successful all over the world: ZTE is now one of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers worldwide.

ZTE not only sells its end devices in Kenya, but also in other countries. In addition to smartphones, this also includes accessories such as USB surf sticks or WLAN routers and tablets. The Kenya mobile phone providers Telkom, Safaricom, and Airtel are working together with the Chinese company and are already selling ZTE-branded mobile phones in their stores. The ZTE Blade and Axon 7 models are particularly popular cell phones amongst customers.

Popular models at a glance

ZTE has been producing smartphones for the global mobile communications market since 2009. The most well-known and popular models include smartphones from both the Axon series and the Blade V and Blade A series .

ZTE Axon series

Cell phones from the Axon series belong to the upper price range of ZTE’s pricing policy. If you want a versatile and high-quality model from the Axon series, but don’t want to pay such a high price, then you reach for the minis. Devices from the Axon series not only have a high-quality design and useful functions, but also the best technology among all ZTE smartphones. Powerful processors and batteries are installed here, which ensures excellent performance. The camera, display and memory also have the best prerequisites to be able to keep up with a well-known high-end device.

ZTE Blade V series

Models from the ZTE Blade V series are assigned to the mid-price sector and offer high quality at an extremely fair price for up to €300. Among other things, sufficient storage capacity, a high-quality, high-resolution display and a powerful camera leave nothing to be desired in terms of multimedia.

ZTE Blade A series

The operating system of choice for all ZTE smartphones is Android. If you are already using a device with this operating system, you will not find it difficult to switch to a ZTE smartphone. In combination with the technical components, apps and various functions run smoothly and quickly. In the Google Play Store you can choose from a variety of apps, games and gadgets for leisure and work and install them easily.

What makes the ZTE mobile phones unique?

  • INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE – Android operating software from Google
  • HIGH QUALITY EQUIPMENT – For a good price you get what would cos you a dime in other popular models.
  • GREAT DESIGN – Attractive designs

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