Samsung mobile phones in Kenya

If you use a Samsung cell phone, you can definitely rely on a powerful, modern and durable device – after all, the smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer are among the most popular in the industry for a reason. Samsung is characterized above all by its unmistakable product ranges, which meet a wide variety of customer needs and thus have the right equipment for every need. Regardless of whether you are a smartphone beginner or can hardly put the phone down, you are guaranteed to find a suitable model at Samsung – and with an excellent price-performance ratio.

About Samsung manufacturer

Year of establishment: 1938
Founder: Lee Byung-chul
Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
Number of employees: Approx. 310,000
Annual sales: Approx. USD 222 billion (2018)

The beginnings of Samsung date back to 1938 – at that time, however, the company was founded as a food trading company. Finally, in 1969, the subsidiary Samsung Electronics was founded, which is dedicated to the manufacture of consumer electronics. Since then, the company has continued to develop and significantly shaped the mobile phone market – today Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and launches new products every year. The product range is so popular mainly because you can find a suitable device for every need and every price range.

Main product lines from Samsung in Kenya

Samsung Galaxy S

The latest models of the popular Galaxy S series are once again setting new standards. The Samsung Galaxy S22 , Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra differ in size, camera and display, but all three flagships have one thing in common: absolute high-end technology and first-class quality. All three devices are ideal for multitasking, mobile phone photography and multimedia content and are a reliable companion for your digital everyday life. Three worthy successors for the previous series around the Samsung Galaxy S21 .

The Galaxy S series is the heart of Samsung and is aimed at demanding and active mobile phone users. The S stands for “Super Smart” – and that’s exactly what you can expect from the Galaxy S models. The focus is on fast processors, high-quality displays and excellent cameras so that you are well prepared for multitasking, entertainment and more.

Samsung has been releasing the additional fan edition version (FE) since 2020. These are the little siblings of the current flagships. The current model, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE , was launched in January 2022. Last year’s models are the Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy S20 FE 5G.

Samsung Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note models are known for their huge screens and offer you enough space to express your thoughts. However, there is another special feature: the S Pen. You can use it to write notes, make sketches and much more – this is how the Note models become your digital notebook in no time at all. With the current model Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G – the big brother of the Note 20 and the Note 20 5G – Samsung is even taking smartphone photography to a whole new level. So you take photos like with a professional camera.

Samsung Galaxy A

The Galaxy A series with the currently popular models Samsung Galaxy A12, Samsung Galaxy A13, Samsung Galaxy A22, Samsung Galaxy A22 5G, Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, A52s 5G, and Samsung Galaxy A53 5G primarily includes mid-range models that are technically well equipped but still affordable. That’s why the devices score particularly well in terms of value for money and are aimed at users who don’t want to dig too deep into their pockets. But here, too, you can be sure that you are getting a smartphone that is ideal for everyday use.

Samsung Galaxy Z

The Galaxy Z series with the latest models Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G are equipped with an exclusive design and the best performance, so you have plenty of room to unfold your world. The Z Fold 3 5G is an absolute all-rounder and is not only a powerful smartphone, but can also be used as a tablet, gaming room or productive workplace thanks to its innovative foldable design. In addition, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G with its unique design fits into any trouser pocket when folded and thus offers maximum flexibility in your everyday life. Thanks to their robust aluminum housing, both Z models offer reliable protection, even in the rain.

What makes Samsung mobile phones unique?

VERSATILE PRODUCT RANGE – Suitable smartphones for every type of user

GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY – High-quality devices at fair conditions

ADVANCED EQUIPMENT – Always state-of-the-art

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