Huawei mobile phones in Kenya

Huawei phones represent a terrific value for money. The company stands for one thing: excellent value for money. Because when it comes to price, smartphones are often a nose tip ahead of the competition. The performance is not neglected. You can look forward to strong processors, crystal-clear displays, first-class cameras, and a chic design on top of that. This is exactly why the manufacturer is a feared competitor for brands such as Samsung or Apple and has long since ceased to be an insider tip.

Year of foundation: 1987
Company founder: Ren Zhengfei
Headquarters: Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China
Number of employees: approx. 180,000
Annual turnover: 95.65 billion euros (2018)

HUAWEI is not only one of the most popular smartphone brands on the international market, but also on the German market for a long time. And that’s no wonder: from entry-level cell phones to high-end models, you’ll find everything your smartphone heart desires at HUAWEI. The manufacturer is considered the world’s leading solution provider in the field of information and communication technology. Every year, HUAWEI brings out new cell phones that are technically and visually up-to-date and can easily keep up with the really big ones – and always at a fair price. So you can find an ideal HUAWEI smartphone for your needs with every budget.

Smartphone series from Huawei

Huawei P series

The P series is HUAWEI’s bestseller: the popular product range includes numerous well-known and popular top smartphones. It is primarily aimed at the middle class and thus appeals to a broad audience. You can’t go far wrong with a P-series smartphone. The focus of the P series is on a stylish design, intuitive usability and first-class camera quality. Of course, the display, a fast processor and a high battery capacity are not neglected either. But especially when it comes to photography, the P models with their high-quality cameras have become indispensable on the market. We currently have the HUAWEI P50 Pro and the P50 Pocket on offer from the P series.

Huawei Mate series

In addition to the P series, the Mate series is also one of the absolute highlights from HUAWEI. Here you will find high-quality, everyday high-end devices that can hardly be surpassed in terms of performance. Since the series is primarily aimed at intensive and demanding users, the models are characterized by enduring processors, a particularly long battery life and an elegant design. You can always rely on a HUAWEI Mate cell phone for both professional and private use.

Huawei G, Y, and Nova

The G, Y and nova series are among HUAWEI’s smaller and lesser-known product lines. In the G series you will find entry-level and mid-range phones, while the Y series is aimed exclusively at entry-level users. The nova series, on the other hand, includes high-quality smartphones where you can expect strong hardware and excellent performance.


HONOR is a subsidiary brand of HUAWEI and sells smartphones under its own name. The main difference to HUAWEI: HONOR cell phones appeal to a younger target group that can be reached above all online, while HUAWEI is considered more of a premium brand. So if you are looking for cheaper but still powerful smartphones, HONOR has models that are suitable for everyday use with a top price-performance ratio and excellent multimedia suitability.

Why are Huawei phones unique from other brands

  • EXCELLENT PRICE – Excellent devices with a very good price-performance ratio
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY – State-of-the-art hardware combined with practical features
  • WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS – Inexpensive entry-level and high-performance luxury models

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