Academic writing websites to make money in Kenya

Unemployment is high in Kenya as it is in other developing countries. Many college and university graduates are channeled into the labour force every year at a higher rate than they are hired.

Frustrated or out of a passion, some of these graduates seek alternative sources of income. One of the most lucrative options is to find an academic writing website and put their skills to work. Thanks to the Internet and the numerous academic writing jobs, many Kenyans who would have otherwise suffered due to lack of employment, find themselves earning a decent income.

While some of these academic writers reap millions from the trade, others are just surviving waiting for other “greener pastures”.

Whatever academic writing websites offer, could be the beginning of your independent offline or even online business. A lot of capital can be gained from just doing online academic writing jobs in a year. It all depends with how much hard work you are willing to put in.

Rather than waiting for promised jobs from your uncles and aunties in the workplace, you could go independent and utilize your writing skills to be earn some income.

What are the academic writing websites in Kenya?

There are many academic writing websites in Kenya, each one paying different from the other.

All you need to know is which sites are genuine and reliable in paying their writers.

You definitely do not want to work for writing companies that take ages before paying their writers, or even worse, resort to closing your account or imposing unjustified fines so that what they eventually pay you is not commensurate to what you worked for.

I have compiled some of the most reliable websites that hire Kenyans as academic writers and pay them.


Getting an account with these companies is easy. You need to go to their application portals and follow all writing prompts. Your acceptance to their team is dependent on luck even when your skills are unmatched. That is why most talented writers opt to buy writing accounts from those that have already been accepted.

All the best!

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