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Women with large bust sizes should know these fashion tricks

19 January, 2022 |

Those that are well versed with fashion and trends know that there are a few helpful tips for women with large busts. If you want to know how to stage your décolleté, we will help you with this article.

Fashion designers, such as Guido Maria Kretschmer, are popular among women for many reasons. These icons offer useful and professional tips to women. Women with large busts often wonder how they can perfectly stage their breasts without making them the center of attention. If you too have big boobs, here are the best tips:

  • In general, it is important that you pack your décolleté (cleavage) nicely. Avoid deep V-necks and make sure your waist is accentuated.
  • You should also rely on eye-catchers that draw the eye away from the décolleté. These can be eye-catching shoes, a colored handbag or tight jeans or a pencil skirt that draws attention to the buttocks and legs

Wrap blouses and shirts always work

In this section, we’ll tell you a few classics that you can wear even when you’re overwhelmed and that you can easily style.

  • Carmen neckline: This low-slung neckline also works for large busts and flatters the décolleté. Lace appliqués on the neckline also provide a fashionable eye-catcher. With a Carmen neckline, it is important that you wear the right bra . It should be strapless, fit perfectly and offer enough support.
  • Wrap Blouses: These tops are perfect for large busts because they create a nice waist and create an hourglass silhouette. But make sure that the V-neck of the wrap blouse is not too deep.
  • Corsets: You can also wear corsets if you have more bust size. They pack your breasts nice and tight.
  • Oversize shirt: An oversize shirt perfectly conceals a large bust. Style the shirt with slim pants and tuck them into the waistband. Alternatively, you can tie the shirt together at the front. It’s extra casual and sexy if you leave the top buttons undone.
  • Tip: Have a look in your partner’s closet to see if there is a chic undershirt. Solid white or light blue and striped models are best.
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