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With these 5 styling tips, your clothes will no longer be bulky

23 January, 2022 |

A nice round bottom makes a great and feminine silhouette. But what to do if nature hasn’t blessed you with an apple butt? No problem, we’ll show you how you can optically cheat with the right choice of trousers.

Of course, every woman with clothes wants to emphasize her assets. But sometimes clothes are also unattractive. To prevent this, you should pay attention to the following five styling tips in the future.

1. Styling tips for a slim figure: the top

There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to the cut, arm length and neckline of a top. If not used correctly, these components can be unsightly and make you look fuller than you are.


Some cuts are bulky and make even very slim women appear wider. These include, above all, empire and babydoll cuts. So tops that are cut close to the chest and then wide apart. If the top is also relatively short, the clothes add bulk. Therefore, the best styling tip is to opt for a top that shows off your woman’s waist, emphasizing your hourglass figure.


In particular, three-quarter length sleeves ensure that your arms appear wider because they appear to compress. Cut sleeves that end right on the shoulder ball also make you look wider. Your arms, on the other hand, look filigree in statement sleeves. Sleeves that end just before the elbow are particularly beautiful, as this point is particularly narrow.


The wrong neckline can also make some dresses bulky. Round necks or submarine necklines are among the “fat things”. Better: V-necks. They visually stretch your upper body and at the same time make you appear narrower.

2. Styling tips for a slim figure: pants

The right pants cut makes you look slimmer in no time. If you have a typical pear figure with a narrow upper body and wide hips, you should avoid high-waist skinny jeans, for example. They only make your hips appear wider and accentuate your thighs.

Our styling tip: straight-cut trousers with a normal waist are just the right cut for you. The length of the pants is also important. Midi lengths, for example, compress the leg – so nothing for short legs. If you have rather strong calves, you should better fall back on flared pant legs.

3. Styling tips for a slim figure: The skirt

It’s all in the length: while some skirts make our legs look longer and slimmer, others do the complete opposite. Make sure your skirt is neither too short nor too long. You can calculate the perfect skirt length like this: Measure the length from your shoulders to your toes. Then divide this value in centimeters by the factor 1.618. The result is the distance from the shoulders to the top of the skirt, which is perfect for your height.

Extra tip: Basically, it is important to let the skirt end exactly where your thighs or calves are particularly narrow. For most women, this is just above or slightly below the knees.

4. Styling tips for a slim figure: the shoes

When it comes to the question of what clothes to wear, the choice of your shoes also plays a major role. Avoid wearing bulky shoes to make your feet look slimmer. Round shoe shapes visually shorten your feet and make your entire body appear a bit compressed.

It is better to reach for narrow-cut shoes that fit as tightly as possible on the foot. Pointed-toe shoes make you look slimmer because they elongate your feet and lengthen your legs.

5. Styling tips for a slim figure: the accessories

Clothing is bulky, but unwanted styling mistakes can also creep in with your accessories that make you look anything but slimmer.


Super trendy, but not for everyone: mini bags are very popular and fashionistas hardly leave the house without them. But at the same time they are a very unfavorable styling partner. Because the small pockets make you look bigger and wider than you actually are. And let’s be honest, you can’t really fit a lot into the it-pieces either. Better: medium-sized bags are the perfect alternative.


Of course, every face shape also needs an individual shape of glasses. But certain glasses can accentuate your face unflatteringly. Particularly thick and dark frames and very large lenses cover your eyebrows and at the same time make your nose appear larger. Our styling tip: prefer smaller glasses with a light frame. This puts the glasses in the background and your face comes into its own naturally and better.

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