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Which is the right cleansing type suited to your skin?

26 January, 2022 |

Cleansing milk, soap or maybe a scrub? Which cleansing product is suitable for which skin type. We’ll tell you…

There are now cleaning products for the face like sand on the sea. However, not all of them are suitable for all skin types. We will help you find your way through this opaque product jungle.

Normal skin:

You’re in luck, because unlike sensitive skin, yours will forgive you if you use the wrong facial care product. It can easily tolerate a peeling twice a week. A gentle cleansing milk for normal and combination skin is best suited for the daily care routine. Before you apply the day or night cream, you can use an alcohol-free facial tonic to refresh the skin.

Dry skin:

For this skin type, a care product that is pH-neutral is recommended. Cleansing soaps with a pH value of 5.5 are perfect for facial care because they do not damage the protective layer of sensitive skin. After cleansing, you should treat your skin to a moisturizing cream.

Oily skin:

The excess fat on the skin is not only responsible for an unsightly shine, but also for impurities such as blackheads. With gentle peelings, which were developed for daily use, you can finally put an end to the unpopular sebum.

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