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Brazilian waxing for sexual appeal? How to approach the pain-wrecking beauty process

14 January, 2022 |

Man or woman,  we al want to look great. Shaving is definitely one way we may want to look good. While most people love the hair in genital areas, not everyone does. Some celebrities want to look good in public. Since Azziad Nasenya became Tik Tok queen, her looks have greatly changed. But does she take pain return? Does she cope with waxing? We will get in touch with her and find out.

To look and feel sexy at the same time, ladies and guys should always be stylish and well-groomed. Different people use various methods for hair removal.

Brazilian waxing

While some of us may be good with just razor, for others it is never enough. Brazilian waxing, is the the complete removal of all pubic hair in the genital area with the help of hot wax.

This method is offered in special waxing studios, but also in many cosmetic studios. If you have never had a Brazilian waxing done, it is best to ask your trusted beautician about the offer or ask a waxing studio to explain the procedure to you. Since, as Eva Longoria will also know, the hair root is also removed, the treatment is rarely completely painless.

If you have a very low pain threshold, you can therefore consider having the Brazilian waxing done in several sessions. In general, all hair in the genital area, including that on the labia and in the buttock fold, is removed. But even if the original form of Brazilian waxing provides for complete hair removal, in the event that you do not want to leave all your hair, now mostly modified forms are offered.

Brazilian waxing: which variant do you prefer?

The spectrum ranges from the whole (Hollywood Cut) to the Brazilian Landing Strip (a narrow vertical strip is left over the labia) to the Brazilian Triangle (a small triangle remains) and any desired shapes. Each person has their unique preferences. No matter what you choose: Remember that you always come to the waxing appointment with a little extra clothing and do not wear pants that are too tight the day after.

After the hair removal, your skin in the pubic area is ultimately quite sensitive and irritation, reddening of the skin and inflammation can quickly occur if clothing is too tight. Please also note that your pubic hair should always be at least 0.5 centimeters long so that the hair can also be caught by the wax.

Then take good care of the skin

After the Brazilian waxing treatment, it is also important to treat the skin with a cooling and soothing cream and to avoid ingrown hairs through regular peeling. But be careful: do not use peelings on the same day of your waxing appointment, otherwise you will irritate the skin too much.

Surprise your beloved with a clean and smooth “private”. No doubt they will love it.

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