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Female sterilization – a permanent contraceptive method for the ladies

Female sterilization means that you can never get pregnant again. The procedure is an operation in which the fallopian tubes are cut and closed. Female sterilization is a permanent procedure to prevent pregnancy. It works by surgically or nonsurgical blocking the fallopian tubes. There is a difference between surgical and nonsurgical sterilization? While the surgical […]

Vaginal spasm – the treatment of vaginismus in Kenya

Vaginismus or vaginal spasm is a reflex cramping of the pelvic floor muscles. However, there are effective treatment methods that have changed fundamentally in recent years. According to the nhs.uk, Vaginismus is the body’s automatic reaction to the fear of some or all types of vaginal penetration. Whenever penetration is attempted, your vaginal muscles tighten […]

Erectile dysfunction treatment in Kenya and possible therapies

The causes of erectile dysfunction are diverse. The earlier the disorder is treated, the greater the chance of recovery. Which treatment option makes sense depends on the triggering factors. If there is an erectile dysfunction, it is usually treated with medication. For example, phosphodiesterase inhibitors can be used to ensure improved blood flow to the […]

Love and lust are similar – with slight differences

Pleasure activates a brain region that is also stimulated by other pleasurable experiences, such as good food. Love, on the other hand, activates the reward center in the brain, which is also closely linked to habits and addictions. Both of these areas respond to sensory perception. Love and lust have differences, but also striking similarities […]

Does sex make us intelligent?

Sex is not only good for the relationship and the body – it apparently also increases intelligence. At least that’s the conclusion reached by researchers at the University of Pavia. The Italian researchers explain that sex can increase intelligence as follows: Sex apparently has a positive effect on nerve growth. According to the scientists, this […]

The morning-after pill and its side effects

Even if a contraceptive fails, the morning-after pill can prevent an unwanted pregnancy. However, the drug can have side effects and should therefore only be taken in exceptional cases. It is not just unprotected sex that can lead to an unwanted pregnancy. If a condom bursts or the pill is taken too late, contraception may […]

Can vasectomy be reversed? Yes, but …

A vasectomy can be reversed. The process is called vasectomy reversal. However, the chances of becoming fertile again depend on various factors. Microsurgery is required to reverse a vasectomy. The vasectomy reversal procedure is much more complicated than the sterilization itself – and so is the healing process. The operation takes up to three hours […]

Correct insertion of the diaphragm as a contraceptive

The diaphragm (vaginal pessary) is one of the contraceptive methods for women that protects against pregnancy but not against sexually transmitted diseases. Proper handling requires some practice. The diaphragm is placed over the cervix before intercourse and prevents sperm from entering the uterus. Since there are different sizes of silicone membranes, you must have your […]

How to use the female condom? It is easy with some practice

The female condom works in the same way as traditional male condoms, except that the lady inserts it into her vagina before intercourse. The application is fairly simple with a little practice. The advantage of the female condom is that it is the only contraceptive method that a woman can use to protect herself from […]

The copper coil is a safe contraception that doesn’t alter hormones

The copper coil is inserted directly into the uterus. It constantly emits small amounts of copper. As a result, the sperm are blocked on their way to the uterus and restricted in their mobility, so that fertilization does not normally occur. In addition, the copper disrupts the structure of the lining of the uterus, so […]