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Molecular Diagnostic Tool To Boost Pest & Disease Control Efforts

Agriculture is the backbone of the Kenyan economy and to most other African states. When aggregated as a whole. The African economy is hugely dependent on agricultural sector. Thus, it is always a good idea to invest in the sector as it promises great returns when done right. However, investing in any area is not […]

Precision Farming & How Kenyan Farmers Can Benefit

Do you want to know more about precision farming in Kenya? Are you a farmer interested in knowing its benefits? Read on to find out. While there may be negative effects from technological innovations, some information sharing and advancements in technology offer great benefits to society. In agriculture, for instance, technology is used to improve […]

Overview of Agriculture in Kenya: Make Money Through Farming

Agriculture is one of the main economic activities in Kenya. With more than 75% of the labor force comprising people actively engaged in farming. More than a quarter (estimated 33%) of Kenya’s GDP is attributable to agriculture. Most homesteads get all or part of their income from agriculture and farming. Some get passive income from […]