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Private Colleges in Kenya

The following is a list of all the 69 private colleges in Kenya. 1 African Institute of Research and Development Studies (AIRADS) 2 Air Travel and Related Studies Centre (ATRSC) 3 Alphax College (AC) Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology (AIHT) Australian Studies Institute (AUSI) College Century Park College […]

20 of The Best Colleges Registered in Kenya

This is a list of the best colleges in Kenya considering data from the past 10 years. Considerations have made to factor in the marketability of their courses and reputation among employers. Kenya Medical Training College Kenya Utalii College Kenya Institute of Mass Communication Kenya Institute of Management East Africa School of Management Nairobi Institute […]

Accredited Higher Learning Institutions in Kenya & Year of Establishment & Charter

There are 31 accredited public universities, 7 public constituent colleges, 20 private charted universities, 3 private constituent colleges, and 13 universities with Letters of the interim authority. The list below will show which university was established when and which of them has been charted. 1. Public chartered universities Public Chartered Universities Year Established/ Accredited  1. […]

List of Public Universities in Kenya: Which Are The Best?

A public university is one that is under direct control by the government. There are 20 public universities in Kenya. Below I have listed them as well as which are the best. 1 Chuka University 2 Cooperative University College of Kenya (CUCK) 3 Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) 4 Egerton University Public University 5 […]

Kenyan Universities Offering Degree Courses in Statistics

If you are interested in Kenyan universities that offer Statistics degree studies in Kenya, then you’re lucky because they are quite a number. I did Economics & Statistics and I can tell you for sure the course is not easy. I don’t know what experience you will have with it, but you must be good […]

Best Private Universities in Kenya

University rankings differ from one ranking factor to another. It is possible that a good university in research may not be good when it comes to rankings based on infrastructure. However, it is also possible for one to be good in all raking factors. The considerations for ranking span from charter and accreditation to availability […]

Salary of Lecturers in Private vs Public Universities in Kenya

Do you want to know who pays well between public and private universities in Kenya? The salary question is a big concern for the working class and those actively seeking jobs. The number of universities in Kenya has improved significantly over the years, partly because of the growing economy and the high demand for educational […]

Grade Required in KCSE To Study Actuarial Science

The education industry is one of the most important in the functioning of an economy. Knowledge enhances the critical thinking and creative minds of people. Equipping the economy with a workforce that can help steer economic growth. Statistics show a good education system is good for economic growth. However, not everyone is eligible to study […]

Sample Essays, Term Papers, and Research papers

Essay writing or even drafting good term paper is a challenge for most students. Even when you are a good student, crafting original papers from scratch is never an easy task. Almost all students hate when they have to compose paper. It becomes even more challenging when the instructions in class were never enough to […]

Governor & Deputy Governor Salary and House Benefits

The Kenya Constitution (2010) introduced devolution in Kenya. It introduced local governments to increase service delivery and accelerate economic development. There are 47 County Governments in Kenya, headed by Governors elected on a renewable five-year term. All of the bosses earn the same salary as recommended by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC). Governor Salary […]