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Nokia phones in Kenya 2022

Was your first cell phone also a Nokia cell phone? You are definitely not alone in this! Nokia has significantly shaped the mobile phone market – and that’s exactly why the mobile phones still have a certain cult factor today . Nokia is still one of the leading manufacturers in the field of communication technology […]

OnePlus mobile phones in Kenya 2022

OnePlus stands for smartphones that are always state-of-the-art and impress with innovative features. The special thing about the Chinese brand: In terms of value for money, OnePlus cell phones can hardly be surpassed – that’s exactly why the popular smartphones are also known as the “flagship killers”. Every year, the manufacturer brings new devices onto […]

Google Pixel mobile phones in Kenya

If you love the iPhone model – hardware and software from one source – you will definitely love Google Pixel if you are an Android fanatic. If you didn’t already know, Google provides the Android OS used in most smartphone mobiles in Kenya and around the world. Due to the popularity of the OS, many […]

Oppo mobile phones in Kenya 2022

OPPO has already gained a lot of fame in the international smartphone market. The popular Chinese brand is spreading to all markets so fast! And with good reason: With its smartphones, OPPO offers you modern and advanced technology, packaged in innovative and perfect designs – and with an excellent price-performance ratio. The manufacturer has the […]

Huawei mobile phones in Kenya 2022

Huawei phones represent a terrific value for money. The company stands for one thing: excellent value for money. Because when it comes to price, smartphones are often a nose tip ahead of the competition. The performance is not neglected. You can look forward to strong processors, crystal-clear displays, first-class cameras, and a chic design on top of […]

Xiaomi mobile phones in Kenya

Xiaomi smartphones are known for one thing in particular: excellent value for money. As a media-savvy user, you will find exactly what you expect from a modern device at Xiaomi. In terms of equipment and design, the smartphones can easily keep up with the high-end models from other manufacturers – but at much more attractive […]

Samsung mobile phones in Kenya

If you use a Samsung cell phone, you can definitely rely on a powerful, modern and durable device – after all, the smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer are among the most popular in the industry for a reason. Samsung is characterized above all by its unmistakable product ranges, which meet a wide variety of […]

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra specifications, review, and price in Kenya

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is in the Kenyan market since March 2022. It is a beautiful phone, which if you have the money and the luxury to spend, you must purchase. The product retails from Ksh136,000 to Ksh160,000 depending on the trim and place of purchase. You can buy the phone in Kenya at different […]

Android mobiles keep improving – What Kenyans will benefit

The technology of Android smartphones is improving every year. With some technologies, however, smartphone manufacturers depend on the support of companies that advance technical innovations. Advancements in charging technology for Kenyan mobile users With numerous smartphones in the market, Qualcomm is one tech firm that wants to set new standards in terms of charging technology. […]