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Strong calves? These styling tricks will easily conceal them

23 January, 2022 |

Do you have a narrow upper body and waist but you don’t like your legs that much? These styling tricks will help you to conceal strong calves properly.

We all have them: problem areas. But what is a perfect figure? The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your own skin. However, many women with thick legs feel that they should not wear dresses or skirts. Not correct! We show you models that you can easily wear even with thicker legs.

These dresses and skirts hide strong calves
Let’s face it: mini dresses and mini skirts are a no go for fat legs. But no reason to be sad, because the following models flatter your strong calves perfectly and are also very trendy.


With a flared skirt or a dress with a plate skirt, you are guaranteed to conceal your strong calves and optically balance out your problem area. So that the dress hides your thick legs, the hem should end just below the middle of your lower legs. The volume of the dress is exactly under the thickest part of your legs and makes your strong calves appear more delicate.

A waist belt goes particularly well with the look with a flared skirt. This emphasizes the narrowest part of your upper body and makes you look slimmer in general. Extra tip: Emphasize your delicate ankles with narrow strappy sandals.


Maxi dresses are one of the it-pieces of the season. A floor-length dress immediately conveys relaxation and romance. But the airy maxi dress is also ideal for concealing your thick legs without appearing too dressed.

Fine sling-back pumps or espadrilles with wedge heels look particularly beautiful with the delicate and flowing fabrics of the dresses. This also stretches your silhouette and makes you look a lot slimmer.


With a dress that has irregular hems, you achieve the same effect as with the flared circle skirt. You can achieve this with wrap dresses or flounced skirts, for example. With these airy dresses, your strong calves are super hugged, while your lower legs are not completely covered.


Ankle length dresses are the perfect length for your strong calves. They not only hide your thick legs but also make you look a lot slimmer due to their often very loose cut. Dresses that are cut in an A-line or are simply straight look particularly beautiful.

Similar to the circle skirt, the dress should reach at least mid-calf. Your advantage: ankle-length dresses conceal your strong calves even with flat shoes.

Even more styling tips to hide thick legs

  • Distract from your strong calves

A striking top automatically draws attention to the upper body and thus away from the strong calves. The style of your top is up to your taste. Whether in a strong trendy color, an extravagant cut or with lots of bling and rhinestones – the main thing is that it pops and stands out.

  • No to skinny jeans

Skinny jeans only accentuate your strong calves. It is better to wear pants that are slightly wider. Models such as boyfriend jeans, bootcut jeans or straight leg trousers are very popular right now. You should rather use dark colors or washes. Marlene trousers that sit at the waist look particularly classy. The high seat of the pants also stretches your legs and lets the strong calves disappear through the wide cut.

  • The right shoe

In addition to clothing, the right accessories also play a major role in cheating your thick legs to make them slimmer. For example, you get fantastic calves if you put on high heels. Especially when the rear heel is larger than the front one, your leg is additionally stretched and looks even slimmer. If you decide to wear flat shoes, you should definitely pay attention to the right length of your dress. Because the flat heel visually strengthens your strong calves.

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