The best academic and educational blogs in Kenya

Kenya’s education sector is one of the most diverse components of the economy. It not only affects on learners but also their parents.

Right from pre-school to higher learning, the education sector is too big to cover. That is why some blogs have been developed to exclusively cover education news and provide important information for students, parents, and even the key players in the education industry.

In the recent past, a lot has happened with regard to the changes in education and the reporting provided in mainstream media is not enough to make an ordinary Kenyan understand, was formed to bridge this informational gap. We are the go to destination if you want to find really useful information about the education sector.

Our blog will not only provide what we call base information, but also provide writing guides and research guides for those in advanced learning institutions.

As a college student. you want information regarding the welfare of your college and how it fairs when compared to other colleges in Kenya.

Heck, you also want to know which campus leader has done what, which VC has been hired or fired (retired?).

Academizers is that for you.

Below are some of the notable education blogs in Kenya. Some are pioneering but some include other irrelevant issues.

Nevertheless, you will find something good from this education blogs.

Here are the best educational blogs in Kenya

  5. Admalic

Please visit them and have a look at them. is an educative website dedicated to helping learners and instructors find the needed information regarding their writing skills, research requirements, and how to avoid plagiarism.

We provide you with informative and reliable writing guides, which we hope will improve your grades, ease your writing tasks, or as an instructor, act as a dependable reference.

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