Most marketable C+ (plus) courses in Kenya

There are many courses you can study in Kenya with a C+.

A C+ grade is the lowest minimum qualification a student must attain to pursue a degree course in Kenya. Unfortunately, you will need to sponsor yourself and pay more school fees as opposed to other government-sponsored students that score B+.

Below are some of the best marketable courses to study with a C+.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nursing and medicine students rarely tarmac in Kenya. This is the most marketable course to study in Kenya if you are interested in the medical field.

Bachelor of Education

You can never go wrong with a degree in education, nursing, or medicine. TSC must employ Bachelor of education graduates within 10 years and sometimes within just a few years of graduation. This is unlike other courses like Economics where graduates may or may never be employed at all.

Bachelor of Commerce

A Bcom course is a good career path for those that want to work in the corporate world. It is a very marketable course when pursued in combination with other professional courses such as CPA, CIFA, and other courses offered by ACCA and KASNEB.

With this course, you can specialize in finance, accounting, procurement, marketing, etc.

Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine

If you were interested in the medical field, this is a course that will definitely help you get there. It is a very marketable course you can study with a C+ course.

Those are the most marketable courses in Kenya currently.

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